Hardship often prepares ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny

Welcome to #BOBSGARAGE! We are a gym in Edinburgh focused on individualisation and providing the best quality service for each and every customer that comes through our doors. Over the years we have focused more and more on individualisation, which has resulted in a unique approach to our training and how we treat each and every member. We unapologetically focus on strict movement and on looking at the small details of movement and mechanics, be it lifting weights or using your bodyweight. We have built and developed strong links with Andy Mckenzie, a world renowned strength and conditioning coach, and we are now part of his Combined Strength Group. Through the knowledge and expertise this has provided, we have developed the gym into the personalised small group training experience it is today. We are no longer focused on the sport of fitness but on strength and fitness for the real world. Looking at developing true fitness and Power Endurance for the challenges we face in life. Whether that be through a sporting event or just in day to day life.

There are multiple aspects to our gym, all of which are important. We train our clients in a way that teaches them the skills and knowledge so that they can be somewhat independent. We want our clients to learn how to move with good mechanics. Through this we aim to give them the confidence and ability to complete the main compound lifts safely without fear of injury; Squat, Deadlift, Bench and Overhead Press. We also touch on the Olympic weightlifting movements of the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk, although these movements are not for everyone so are not a standard.

We are very technique focused with the goal to enable our clients to do full range of motion movements under control and with good form. We are looking to enable them to improve their bodyweight and gymnastic movements like pullups, press-ups and handstands, as well as more advanced ones such as muscle ups and handstand press-ups.

We use many different methods of training, aiming to provide a well-rounded program that utilises both strength training and cardiovascular training. Alongside this we utilise high intensity interval training and threshold training with the use of multiple different types of equipment. We use barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, bodyweight and sled in conjunction with pieces of cardiovascular equipment such as Airdyne, rower and SkiErg to achieve goals.

It is just as important to learn how to recover from training as it is to do the training itself. Teaching the benefits of how doing daily movement can combat negative side effects of daily life and work. A lot of people spend a lot of their time sitting, which results in poor posture and lack of range of motion. Daily movement and exercise can help combat these, as well as stress and a poor sleeping pattern, just to address a few.

If you are or have struggled with injuries before then we can help you rehab and then once you have a good foundation start to build more strength.

It is a physical culture that encourages you to push yourself further than you have before and take yourself right out of your comfort zone and be part of something that supports you through challenges in your life and lifts you up in times of success.

Our coaches are all from different backgrounds. Some are seasoned athletes who have trained at the gym for years and others through connections made who have then joined the team. With the combination of them all, they have encountered and experienced most issues. Their wide range of experiences and different personalities mean that between them they can offer different perspectives on problems and experiences we face day to day in our training.