December Week 1 – Commitment – Sacrifice – Faith

The first week of programming for December and my thoughts for the week, I think about this topic quite alot, by coming to the garage and training here, you are sacrificing your time and money, and I know that I am constantly competing against other priorities in your life for these things.

Getting you to commit to training at the garage and realise that the one hour you spend here could potentially be life changing is one of the most important things I have to do every day.  I have a strong vision for  #bobsgarage and I want to make a realistic positive difference to as many peoples lives as I can reach.

Commitment is often closely interlinked with trust which I am working my ass of to gain from you guys right from the moment I meet you! I will never forget that it takes a life time to gain and a moment to destroy. My old headmaster taught me that… Anyway I’m getting off track. What I wanted to say was that I know that most of you will come in to CrossFit with maybe patchy weight training or lots of running and the weights is mainly circuits. What I am asking of you is to take the leap of faith in the program, you may not know quite what CrossFit is at the start of your journey, you may not even know that your journey has started! But it has, as soon as you step into my garage I am planning your journey looking at what you need to improve, develop and work on so that you can master the movements and turn you into a Firebreather!

So the faith part is you consciously committing to the program maybe once a week to start (it may take up to 10days to recover from each workout at the start), then slowly build to two classes then 3 classes a week and so on. Now when your doing this what we have to be wary of is overlap, this is for all you runners out there or bootcampers. If your doing 3 different programs at the same time and not adequately recovering then you wont get the maximum results from the program and may even get injured. This is not to say that doing CrossFit can’t be used as a supplement for your specific sport but if you wish to be good at CrossFit then you do need to put the work in build your strength base and develop yourself as an all round athlete.

Ok I’m sorry if I have gone on too long but I’m feeling fired up!

Points to note:

10 Exclusive gift vouchers available includes (initiation, 3x induction classes, 1x crossfit class) cost is £39 pick up from gym only.

Kettlebell Seminar with CrossFit Fife 18th December, 6-9pm only crossfit class will be 5-6pm in evening. Go through all the main kettlebell movements a sweet workout, and meet some really cool guys from Fife. Cost is £25 and there will only be 7 spaces available.

Reasons to go to the Kettlebell seminar: get to refine your kettlebell swing, clean+press, snatch, Turkish Getup and maybe a few others will help build a strong foundation in your kettlebell skills which is important as we use the kettlebell alot in workouts! Oh and you will get a good beasting at the end and meet some OG CrossFitters (Si and Ray)

Andy Mckenzie Strength & Performance Seminar – Quite simply if your serious about developing yourself as a CrossFit Athlete then you will get your ass on this weekend. Invest in your training and it will repay you in so many ways! 10% off if you have a ID tshirt and you can pay 50% before christmas to secure your place and 50% in January. Small group in Andy’s presence with lots of opportunity to ask him everything you want and gain as much as possible from this fantastic weekend!


Run 200m


25 Overhead kettlebell swings 16/20kg

15 burpees

200m run

Rest 10mins x 3 – time to aim for sub 3.30



Snatch high hang 3-3-3-3-3



Pull-ups (strict) chest to bar


Front Squats

3RM then 4sets at 90%


1min on 30 secs off

Burpees x 3

Kettlebell swings Russian x3


Handstand Gymnastic Strength

3x 2 wallwalks

Hand stand holds 30secs on 20secs off x3

Negatives 5×3

Full handstand press-ups on wall 3 x ME

Or on a box 3xME

4 rounds for time with a partner:

Thrusters AMRAP while partner completes FW

Farmers walks 200m 40/32kg


Bench Mark girl

·        Fran

      Rounds 21-15-9 reps


      Pullups (Kipped)



1rm Snatch

15min amrap

Run 400m

Max press-ups

Score is max press-ups run = 1 reps


Catch up – one of the workouts from the week that you havnt done (Coaches choice)