October week 1



4 kb snatches L

4 kb snatches R

15 strict burpees




15min amrap

6 Handstand pressups

3 weighted pullups 20/10kg

200m run




3 snatches




3 man makers

8 toes to bar




To the 200m half way point – flip the tyre.

2min rest



Team workout teams of 2 one person works at a time. Do run together.

16 hang power cleans 60/35

10 push press

12 bar over burpees

700m run


September week 4

This week – challenge workout Gym Jones Partner workout tail pipe. 3rounds 250m row partner holds 2 kb’s in racked position 24/16kg



15 front squats 60/40kg

6 front rack lunges (step forward- push back to start – stationary)




28min workout


30:30 x4 2min rest

Frog hops

Round 2

30:30 x4 2min rest

Deficit press-ups

Round 3

30:30 x4 2min rest

Hollow rock holds

Round 4

30:30 x4 2min rest

Strict burpees

Round 5


Rest position in 90/90 position of squat



1min on 1min off x4 thrusters pick a weight you can move constantly for 1min roughly men 40kg women 30kg

3min rest

1min on 30secs offx3

Strict burpees




Hand stand holds

Handstand pressup work 15mins

Complete beginner- wallwalks

Beginner- negative handstand press-ups – if you can do press-ups

Intermediate- hspu singles get 15reps

Advanced deficit hspu 10x2reps with a 20kg plate

Ring press-ups turnout holds

Practice for 15mins


Conditioning (optional as active rest day)


10 knees to elbows

40m sprint






10 shoulder to overhead 60/35kg

8 bent over rows

30 sec snatch grip overhead squat hold

1min rest





Stage 1

12 box jumps

2mins max rep double kb cleans

2min rest


5min rest

Stage 2

10 burpee box jumps

2min max double kb swings

2min rest


5min rest

Stage 3

40 gym floor-  out and back kb farmers walks. Men 24kg women 16kg out and back is 2reps.

No Ordinary Gym



No ordinary gym

That was my tag line. Something that went above and beyond the call of duty. It came to be known as individualisation. But meant so much more, recording everything knowing as much as possible about every member, making sure that each person was training the things that they needed to train to get them progressing as an athlete.


Technique is everything I drill it in at the start, mechanics and core control. It’s a must, friends don’t let friends lift with bad form. My number one priority when you come in is your safety so its so important that you are always in a good position, know what that is and know how to get into it.


I predominantly focus on programming strict movement as I see that we have a short amount of time to train in the day and see it best served with practicing strict movements that have the most carry over to your compound lifts and general performance. Being able to do a good amount of pullups with good form will give you a strong stable upper back which will help you squat more.


As a male or female member you are encouraged to train towards competency in performing bodyweight movements as it shows command of total body and your core control, bracing and tension double figures for men and single figures for women are sufficient. Being confident with the compound lifts is a must.

Strong Mentality

It is not enough to be strong you must be able to suffer, to get out of breath, to push yourself hard. Developing and maintaining a strong mentality is integral to #BOBSGARAGE. You are encouraged to try your best, to work hard and to push yourself don’t be scared by this as you may come out the other side a changed person with more confidence and motivation then you had, had before for your life outside of the gym.


More than just a gym you will form strong bonds with the people you train with as they may encourage your through your toughest times when training and be the helping hand when you feel today I just can’t do it today.


Every person is treated as an individual here. I have a pragmatic approach. I make sure your training is structured and well thought out. The key difference to my gym to others in Scotland is that it’s the only individualised CrossFit gym. What that means is that your not constricted by following 1 group program so that you get the training you need. We follow a weekly conditioning program which we do after our individualised strength work but the emphasis is on the individual.


You may have injuries or movement issues. I encourage all my members to face these head on and not to stick their head in the sand when it comes to pain, and injury. I will work extensively with other practitioners to help you rehab any issues and progress from what ever it is that is stopping you becoming the strongest, fittest and best you can be.


How to begin your journey & What to expect at the start

To begin all you need to do is take your free trial session and book into a class that best suits your diary. Because of the way I train my athletes they are capable of following their program while I spend time with new members walking them through mechanics, bracing and bodyweight movements.

What you should expect is to be taken through the basics first, to be shown the correct mechanics, and to be eased gently into our training methodology and be given a strong foundational base to then build on.

There is a beginners class every Saturday at 9am if you don’t feel comfortable working out with others at various levels.

Alternatively you can book a private 1:1 to take your through your foundations as well.

Use the link below to book your first class. Sign up take a trial membership and then book a space in one of the classes in the calender.

Classes are kept small at up to 7 people as I focus more on quality over quanitity.


September week 3


Bulgarian split squat workout

3 rounds

We are going for max effort here, elevate your rear foot, and bring that back knee down vertically then up again, that’s 1 rep, do 10 then pause at the bottom just before your knee touches the ground and hold for 10seconds.

Once you have done that continue on and do another 10reps again hold it for 10secs at the end of those next 10reps.

Keep going to failure on that leg then immediately switch to the other leg. Rest for 2mins then complete a further 2 times. Alternate starting legs




15 kb swings Russian 24/20

10 strict burpees

400m run





Thrusters 42.5/30kg






Seal crawls 5mins

Rope climbs 10-20reps

Supermen holds 30:30 x8

Conditioning (optional as active rest day)

10 Burpee pullups

40m sandbag run






Every 2nd minute for 14mins

5 hang power cleans 70/40kg

4 box jumps




partner workout

Only 1 person can work at the same time, you may not move on till the first exercise is complete. Run must be done together.

2 rounds

100 wallballs

100 pressups

1mile run

September week 2




50 wallballs

20 kettlebell swings

2min rest




12min amrap

20 sec wallfacing handstand hold

5 strict pullups – pull as high as you can


Power clean

Hang power clean

Front squat

3min rest




Handstand pressup practice 10mins

Seal crawls 3mins

Ring pullups 10mins

Hollow rock holds 5x 20on 40off



Bar hang accumulate 40secs

2 Burpee broad jumps (start at white board side of gym, and do a strict burpee then jump as far as you can forward then do a burpee and jump as far as you can back



4 rounds

8 thrusters 45/35kg

4 bar over burpees



Partner suck fest

5rounds I Go You Go

6 power cleans

4 front squat

3 push jerk