2016 Open – Reebok CrossFit Games

The CrossFit Open for 2016 kicks off today…

there are 5 workouts released every Thursday night for 5 weeks:

16.1 – Feb 25-29

16.2 – March 3-7

16.3 – March 10-14

16.4 – March  17-21

16.5 – March 24-28th

We do not know what the workout will be till it is announced on the day.




We are hooking up with CrossFit Murrayfield each week to combine forces and be more awesome.

We will be doing the workouts together as a community on the Saturday. We will be setting people off in waves hopefully every 30mins in pairs, 1 person judging the other doing the workout and then swapping round. If you need a qualified judge so you can submit a score then one will be available.


The emphasis will be on inclusiveness, scaling of the workout and making sure it is something that you can do safely, have fun doing in the process. This is a chance to cheer each other on, laugh, enjoy all our hardwork and early mornings that we have put into getting stronger and fitter.

There will be an element of cheering on other members, before or after it is your turn to do the workout, don’t be scared, enjoy the moment and atmosphere and get stuck in.

So come down and try it out, this is a great chance to get to know other members you have not met and speak to other CrossFitter’s from another box.

We will be kicking off from around 9am and going on the half our till about 1pm.

We will be meeting for drinks after it all at the Bonnington Pub on the corner of Newhaven Road around 1pm it will not be paleo.



Combined Strength



This Last weekend I was in Reading on my monthly meet up with Andy Mckenzies Combined Strength Group. You can find out more about my coach and mentor here:



I have been apart of the Combined Strength Group since August last year. It has given  me huge support, advice and access to coaches that have more knowledge and experience than I have. Through Andy’s guidance I have been developing my business and training methods since then.



This weekend began with a chat about marketing and how each of us could improve in that respect, we then moved onto developing our coaching, I took a group of more experienced coaches through a session and was then assessed and given feedback on what I had done and what could be improved.


We also went through more movement, warmup practice and systems to use when training and the clean and jerk and snatch. We were also given 3 hours of Handstand practice from Andy Handstand coach Sammy Dinneen A Professional Handbalancer and Acrobat.


As I come up to the 3 year mark at running #BOBSGARAGE it is more important than ever for me right now to have a mentor and coach and someone to hold me accountable, push me forward and make sure that I am continuing to stay uncomfortable and learn and develop as a coach.


It was Andy that helped me progess my gym to that of Individualisation and to strive for higher standards in my training, coaching and life and I will continue to do that with the groups help.


If you would like to learn more about movement, the combined strength approach, or becoming part of the combined strength group then make contact with one of us and become part of an amazing group of coaches.