CrossFit Open – 16.2

Another weekend of Open Weekend workouts this time with 16.2 either as prescribed or scaled or programmed to a format that the member could be included in. In total we had about 14 of us doing it. Prescribed for some scaled for some or made into a 20min  amrap with 25kg cleans from ground or above knee to ensure good technique.


Most of us surprise surprise found 25 toes to bar a lot and then adding in the cut off of 4mins meant it got spicy!

image_1_1 - Copy

Friday night saw some of the girls take it on, Corinne in a scaled capacity as a 20min amrap with 25kg and knee raises, Jaimie entered a score into the scaled division and Emma completed the scaled workout as set out with time to spare at 19.46.


We also had Ben and Ruaridh put in a good performance this weekend also, who took on the scaled version with time caps.


As well mike who ran it too 20mins with 42.5kg power cleans


We then had Gregor and Jamie put in all out effort.

image_6_1 image (2)

And finally last but not least Ana and Alan worked hard for 20mins with again two scaled variations, alan hang power cleans from above the knee at 40kg and slam balls because he couldn’t skip and Ana 25kg cleans and skipping and toes to bar for 20mins


Great work last weekend guys and I am looking forward to the next 3 workouts and bringing us together even more!




Colin Gordon Deadlift Workshop

The weekends Deadlift workshop with Colin Gordon was a huge success.


We discussed Flexion and extension in great detail in relation to the Jefferson Curl exercise.

But more importantly we got to grips with the deadlift, how to warm up specifically for it and how to set up, breath and use our body to its maximum potential so we can deadlift all the weights like Eddie Hall.


Every time I have a workshop with Colin I learn a little bit more about movement, training and coaching in general, it was a fantastic 3 hours or so that just flew by.


We looked at in great detail how increasing our movement capacity across exercises like the single leg kb deadlift, hip aeroplanes and lateral lunges can have a huge benefit in not only increasing hip stability and mobility but helping reduce our chances of injury when lifting.


It was a good opportunity to just turn the music off forget about everything else going on at that moment and truelly commit yourself to listening and focusing on getting better at deadlifting. And that’s what we did there was a good amount of focus in the room and we all developed and learnt more about how to deadlift more efficiently.


Once we had gone through a specific deadlift warmup we then broke out into groups to go over breathing, setup, lat engagement and the stages of the deadlift.


We had two of my newer members in the workshop, Craig and Beth who I had gone over the deadlift a couple of times before in the last 2months I had been training them. This workshop was perfect for them as it gave the opportunity to focus on nothing else except this complex movement and they progressed with their technique really well.



We looked at how the lat engagement was really the key to a good pull, and that without the lats we really wouldn’t be able to pull the weight that we are able to pull, so if you pin those shoulder back in your set up it will help your body act as one, get you using your hamstrings etc and the weight will just float up.


Beth had only deadlifted 30kg or so past few months and she came to me unable to do an full airsquat because of lack of leg strength, past week or so she just started to have the strength to do full airsquats, and has the shoulder strength to complete our segmented flows, she also cut her 5k run time down by 3mins and at the deadlift workshop deadlifted 65kg with good technique.


I finished the workshop by just working up to a heavy single that was 220kg a 20kg PB.

So it was a great workshop, and we hopefully will have another workshop with Colin in a couple of months time on the squat fingers crossed.


Manage Stress – Hit the Reset Button

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Have you ever reached Friday and felt burnt out?

Chances are that will be highly likely, you could be a small business owner, gym owner, coach, PT, busy in the financial services, or any other professions, being a stay at home mum, or having a young family or old, managing everything in your day to day life is hard and sometimes gets on-top of you.

Knowing how to get the most out of your body energy wise, recovery wise is important and will help you manage your stress level…s.

Being able to Manage your stress and anxiety levels is really useful and knowing how to hit the reset button helps you not becoming burnt out.

Lack of sleep can make you feel sick. Just taking some time out to have a quick nap makes a huge difference.

Pay attention to your resting heart rate and your normal breathing can give you great clues to how your feeling.

Some simple tips to start would be make sure your diet is well rounded and nutritious.

Look at how much sleep you get.

How much water are drinking?

How much alcohol are you drinking? Do you smoke? How much fast food do you eat?

What you do makes a difference,

Breathing – take some time be it 2mins to 20mins and focus on deep relaxed breathing.

Go for a run, get your heart rate elevated, crack a sweat and breath heavily.

Lift heavy weights (with good technique)

Do a CrossFit WOD

Manage your time better, spend less time on social media and be more social, with loved ones and friends.

Working out with friends can be really fun.

But remember at the end of all that and what is said and done, that you create a mental strength through pushing through troubles and adversity, it is good to struggle and it builds character.

Have the belief that you can achieve your goals, stay positive, remember you can influence the event in your life.

The Mind Is Primary.

Colin Gordon – Performance Sports Therapy



This Saturday the 5th March we will be hosting our fourth workshop with Colin Gordon from Performance Sports Therapy



He will be covering the following areas:

Deadlift technique, hinging, setup, pull


mobility issues associated with the hinge

Prehab and rehab exercises and deadlift specific warmups

It starts at 1pm and could go on till 3-4pm depending on discussion.

Cost is £15


So if you want to improve your deadlift, or seek more advice on mobility problems with lower back and hips associated with deadlifting then come down to speak to him.

Below are photo’s from our previous workshops.


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