Train Hard Thursday takover at Lululemon


I was grateful for the opportunity to take over the Lululemon Train Hard Thursday session at their store this week. I was super excited for it and really looking forward to coaching and training new people. However only 1 person turned up for it, but this one person her name was Adrian did amazing.


So on Thursdays I have just recently implemented a new session in which we just use our body, it is called BODYWEIGHT and its a mixture of Mobility and flexibility work, lots of different crawling patterns handstand practice progressions and a bodyweight finisher.


The emphasis is on using your body and that you can get a really good workout from just using your bodyweight. Let me tell you some of the crawl progressions use every part of your body and just doing 3mins worth can feel like a lifetime.

So getting back to the Lululemon session I had planned, I brought the 28 minute workout that Bobby Maximus showed me last year at my GymJones level 1. Its a great workout and can be used for anything and only lasts 28mins which is under half an hour and can be fitted into your day. More than that it will deliver a intense workout, get your heart rate up, sweating, out of breath, and feel all your muscles working with just 28mins and you get to have rest!

The reason why I say less is more and quality over quantity is that this one person that turned up to the session was from Banff, Canada. A place that is very special to me as I spent a lot of time their when I was younger in the winter and in the summer snowboarding, mountaineering, climbing, hiking and eventually doing CrossFit the last time I was their. So it was cool to train someone from somewhere that meant so much to me!

So here are the details of the workout:

We warmed up with some bear crawls, serratus press-ups and RKC planks

then we took 5 exercises:

Jump squats, negative press-ups, jumping lunges, straight arm burpees and airsquats and did one for each round of the workout.

we used the work to rest ratio of 30:30 and did this 4 times with a 2mins rest at the end looking like this:

30:30 x4 2min rest

A whole round of Jump squats then a whole round of Negative press-ups and so on, you could use this workout just for press-ups, burpees, rkc planks its a really good format and works really well.

By the way Adrian killed it and got through it all she sweated, got out of breath, could feel her muscles working and the rest stopped her from doing any bad reps with bad form. Form is always number one as Dan John says “Always Strive for a quiet head, efficient movements and sense of calm while training”  so we went over technique and took careful note when it broke down and took the time to correct it.

We took the time after the session to go over some details like intra abdominal bracing, and making use of the hamstrings and glutes when squatting and doing some simple drills to get them firing before we squat also as she was feeling the airsquats mostly in the quads/hip flexors, doing a bit of movement work and activation and practicing proper bracing and the airsquats felt completely different.

This one point just underlined how important it is to get down to the fundamentals when I meet a new person, how important going over breathing and going over proper bracing strategies and then looking at simple activation drills like partnered kneeling hamstring curls or single leg unweighted hinges or just practicing sending your butt back to the wall to ingrain a good hinge. As well as the fundamentals its important to treat every person as an individual going over specific problems and looking at how to fix or improve movement issues. I would definitely not have been able to give Adrian the level of training she got last night if there was 20 of us and would not have been able to help her solve her movement issue so here is to dealing with people as individuals!


I could have been down trodden and gutted about only having one person to train instead of a group but I made the most of it and got the most out of it for Adrian and had a great time at Lululemons Train Hard Thursday, you never know I maybe back for more as I thought it was a really good opportunity to reach out to new people and speak to potential new members in a fun and relaxed environment in the heart of the city and could be the potential stepping stone for new members to make the first step in joining #BOBSGARAGE stay tuned for more developments on this.


Combined Strength Slovenia trip – Immerse to Accelerate



This weekend was many things. A chance to get out of the day to day running of my business to get away from the actual running of the business and actually work on the business. Getting straight to the point and seeing what I had to work on then actually getting it done for once, no procrastination, no putting it off but some actual focused work on how to develop #BOBSGARAGE.


We really looked at the business and got to grips what needs to be worked on and how to progress it where do I go from here and how to take the next step. Through focused discussion we worked out what needed improved and what needed developed and starting to plan how to take it to the next level.


If it has shown me one thing it is that you can get caught up in the notion that the way you are doing things now has to be the way you always have to do them. And that’s just not the case and anything is possible be it training groups or programming or business, if you just put your mind too it open yourself up to criticism, feedback and development and then go about working on how to make it better.


 It may seem scary at first, making the leap, taking the next step forward when you are comfortable just going along as it is, but the point of the immersion is too fully immerse yourself in what needs doing to take your coaching, business and life to the next level.


Ontop of this we had new insights into coaching and training our clients and members at Matej gym Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance we went over movement prep together, I coached the group through a tough conditioning session, and we learnt from two of their experienced coaches more on movement.

This was interspersed with relaxed casual nights out in the Ljubljana where we could relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the beautiful city and culture and relaxed coffee and sightseeing in the day time. 



We visited another Gym as well something completely different to Vigor it was Marck Goran’s gym based out of Maribor. He was such an interesting individual an incredible athlete and we resonated with him on many levels. He showed us methods of training and we experienced the full effects of them and he put us through them. An amazing day and we took away many ideas on conditioning, strength, mentality and how to create a culture which aspires to coming in at 8pm at night for an absolute gruelling session and chill out after like they really didn’t want to be anywhere else on a Saturday night.


Moving on from this weekend, I feel inspired and refreshed and cant wait to get back to the gym to coach, train and get stuck in even more to developing #BOBSGARAGE and its members truelly start taking it to the next level and behond. You can bet this wont be the last immersion and that the Combined Strength group will now go from strength to strength as so will #BOBSGARAGE and its members and anyone else that chooses to become part of such a driving force in Edinburgh.

Combined Strength Immersion Weekend



Up at slightly earlier than usual Thursday morning around 3.45 should do it to get a red eye flight to Slovenia. The reason being to meet up with Andy Mckenzie and the Combined Strength group. I am really looking forward to this weekend to spend with other coaches talk about the problems I face coaching and and programming for my members and looking at way to solve them. Ontop of this there will be focused time on learning with Andy, every time I am around him I get that bit better at abosorbing what he is talking about and relating it back to what I am doing day to day.

It could have been all to easy for me to say I was too busy, or wasn’t able to get time off, but it is more than worth the effort, and the expense to get their and spend time with my group. It is all about accountability, this group has been great for that holding you accountable to things you said you would do, or holding you accountable to things you have done or not done or said or not said. That’s the best way to learn from your mistakes or even better from other peoples mistakes, learning to take criticism rebounding it and then building on it and getting stronger from it is the best form of self development.


It has been a long year, I remember coming back from Salt Lake City thinking what the fuck. But then I took the plunge and signed up to Combined Strength and it forced me to get better at marketing, no sorry actually think about doing daily social media marketing, and work on getting new members through the door. It all came down to accountability, when your tired been up since 4.30am and all you want to do is nap it will be the one thing that makes you get that piece of business done in the day that makes you work on your business or do some learning or do some training or makes you confront a problem in your business that needs addressed.



Andy has been the guiding light in my last 3 and a half years of this business and the reason I went towards Individualised CrossFit which to this day I still don’t know anyone else that is doing it this way. Putting the time and effort into each member I train has served a massive investment over the years and I am not about to stop doing that, I want to do as much as I can to develop the individual and the group community by being part of more social events and not making it primarily about the training because I know that’s so much more and that’s something that I am just beginning to understand as a concept yes individualisation is important and goal focused training is important as I want to see you progress and develop but I also want to develop commitment and cohesiveness which can be brought about by delving deeper into more social occasions with everyone in the gym creating a life long bond.

Its really important to spend time with other coaches that think differently to you, are more knowledgeable than you, that will force you to coach and talk about your concepts of coaching and your ideas of programming be it right or wrong to other more experienced coaches and in return if its wrong or if there is a better way of doing things then you can learn about it, not being arrogant or being my way or the high way about it but open and honest and ready for feedback or ready to learn from your mistakes and from this you can progress as a coach and as a individual.

I am looking forward to some time away from my most prized thing that is #BOBSGARAGE I literally loves this place. Its an amazing gift I was given and I try my best to help as many people as I can that reach out to me, after all my duty is to serve and help people and I love it even though it drains me so much sometimes I really love a 4.30am start and Monday is my favourite day. Any way I got distracted their, it will be good to get out of the gym and gain some new perspective and clarity on the problems I am facing and about to face, I am looking forward to talking about the problems my members face in training and getting advice on programming, feedback on coaching and business development on how #BOBSGARAGE will develop over the next 3 years and further.


I will leave you with a sunset below, its the same sunset I viewed 4 years ago when I went from San Diego to San Francisco. The road trip that lead to me meeting Greg Glassman and getting sponsored for a Level 1 the same sunset that inspires me 3 years on, why because its full of hope, I still feel that I am on that road trip that journey that adventure to that day every morning when I wake up at 4.15am and get ready for my members at 6am to light them up and get the best from them. I never used to be a morning person and when I started this I didn’t really put much thought into the early mornings, tough but worth it is what I would say, a certain level of fatigue that you get used to, getting used to 6 hours sleep and getting good at taking naps in the afternoon before class in the PM, getting my training done, working on the business and doing the admin needed to run a business. Sacrafices had to be made but they were worth it because the satisfaction in helping people is more than worth it. Developing that and managing that work life balance and developing it as a business is the next step and developing it with the same level of high quality service and consistency is going to be crucial if it expands and never forgetting that its not a job, its not a lifestyle but its a responsibility, coaching is a responsibility. Don’t Fuck it up.

More than just a Gym.