The Combined Strength program and #BOBSGARAGE and beyond

Combined Strength program      


It has been a month now since our gym went through some pretty major changes, to progress sometimes you need to tear something down and start from scratch. That’s what I did I renounced my affiliation with CF and wholeheartedly committed to going down the line I wanted to go down with my gym.


The old ways of individualising for every single person that came into the gym was fanciful and deluded and I was unable to do any long term planning, trying to individualise for 40-50 members was noble and felt amazing but it was not sustainable long term and would result in my eventual burn out and detachment of my head or someone elses.


With the insight of my coach and mentor Andy Mckenzie who gave me my original idea of the Individualised training idea I went about implementing my new training system and program.

The WRAPS warmup system is the first piece of the puzzle here. I wont go into massive amounts of detail but WRAPS stands for Warmup (get the body warm, spike the heart rate, get warm, 30secs to 5mins of basic CV) Range of Motion (movement prep, prepare the body head to toe) Activation (keep it simple get the body ready for the work to come) Potentiation or Patterns or Play (usually some jumping, and scapular movement) Skill (this is your time to work your individual skill, a skill is something that can only be worked for a short time as its not a strength and we lack the strength to do it for any length of time longer than 5mins) Skill can also be work on your Priorty 1 or 2 either a weakness, mobility issue, injury, or prehab/rehab work.


The skill component is where we now individualise. There is a saying a little of something can go a long way and I think that is the case with Individualisation. We are doing a small amount of it and using it in our skill blocks, giving people specific skill blocks appropriate to their level and what they are working towards or their injuries or weaknesses or mobility issues.


The Program

There are two options, I have found that by in large the general population that I train needs to do the following when they come in and train with me, they need to do more range of motion work and do whole body workouts, meaning a form of Squat, a form of hinge or deadlift, and a form of press and a short finisher. For their bodyweight training which is key to longterm longevity and success and progress in developing bodyweight strength it needs to be given the whole session.

This developed into the following program wholebody or Bodyweight, cardio and core focus.

When people come into my gym now they either have a choice of a whole body resistance session or a bodyweight, cardio and core focus session.


Our program works like this:

Monday repeated Wednesday

Whole body OR bodyweight, cardio and core focus session


Tuesday repeated Thursday

Different Whole body session OR bodyweight, cardio and core focus session



Group conditioning session

Saturday chance to catch up in earlier session or core session at 10am  and weightlifting from 11-1pm and some Saturdays we will have workshops on from 10-12 to focus on particular training like bodyweight training, kettlebells, powerlifting, weightlifting, performance, and so on and comes included as part of being a member of #BOBSGARAGE


That is the program side of combined strength, it is using various systems and ways and modalities of training to make you as strong, fit and healthy as you possibly can. It targets your weaknesses or skills you want to work on and makes you work them in every session you do that week. Gone are the days where you work your skill just once a week, if you want to get better at a skill you have a better chance of improving it if you work on it every time you train. It allows for recovery days, days where you are broken and cant train. With the knowledge you build of movement prep and recovery you will be able to take recovery sessions when you are too sore or tired to resistance train or do bodyweight training.


The sessions are repeatable and flexible and the emphasis is getting the body used to a stimulus we are giving it and giving it time to adapt and then get stronger before we change the rep scheme or type of stimulus. The Said principle is key here, specific adaption to imposed demand.


There are many parts to the Combined Strength Approach one of which is putting the responsibility of development and progression and learning in your hands, getting you to think for yourself with the guidance and help of the coaches but teaching you to move well on your own and take charge of your skill progression and development has always been a main driver for #bobsgarage and the Combined Strength approach really supports this in teaching people to warmup and move and get ready for training with Minimal supervision and help once you have mastered the basics and understanding of the concept and exercises for range of motion and activation you are a free thinking spirit and self-sufficient when it comes to preparing and maintaining your body and developing it and progressing your athletic journey in #bobsgarage.


The other side to Combined Strength is the coaching side the support and the idea that we are better together, we are stronger together than we are alone. For me as head coach and driver and leader of this movement and project that means that I go out there and I network and I build relationships with people who are smarter, more knowledgeable, experienced and savvy than me in order to work with them learn from them and give a combined service that is 10 times better than what it would be if I did it on my own.

Combined Strength when related to our community as a gym, as a culture means developing the fabric that is our community to keep us coming back for more each and every day, through events outside the gym, through big team workouts, through adversity sessions, through supporting members through challenges varying from illness, injury, moving house, job, depression you name it our Combined Strength as a group of people that is #BOBSGARAGE can help and support each other and have helped many in the last 4 years get complete challenges, recover from surgery’s and illness and just get us through when we are having a tough time in our life.


So in short my gym is much like an onion, it has many layers and there are many depths to what you see on the surface. There are so many areas in which we can help each other and in which the gym works to put it nicely one a #bobsgarage member always a #bobsgarage member. I will leave my mark one way or another and you will always remember the time you were coached by #BOBSGARAGE