The power to inspire change

This weekend I had the privilege of attending a long time school friend and a #bobsgarage original member James Magee’s wedding. It was a truly magnificent day and it felt awesome to be part of such a special day and moment in his life. I have known James since school and I have seen him develop and change and evolve over the years through his challenges and ups and downs. He is an inspiration in business and life and a truly lovely and down to earth caring guy. I was inspired by the day and to be able share in this special moment in his life. I was taken aback at how much positive energy was in the room, the sun helped but everyone was smiling and it just brought out the best in everyone and myself.

I have been inspired by James and the challenges he has faced and gone through and continues to go through, by the progress he strives for in his business daily from 5am to late into the hours of the night. I regularly get insights into challenges people face and go through, I spoke to two people yesterday at the wedding that absolutely lit a fire inside me just like James does. One was the vicars wife who told me her massive struggles with cancer and tumours at which I was immediately able to relate to with my Father last year having cancer of the oesophagus, an amazing women and ferociously strong in mind and body.  I also spoke to another a man who I had met on one of our countless drunken nights out when I was younger but couldn’t quite put the face to the name who had also gone through struggles with illness, I was inspired by both of them, by their stories, by the day itself, by the fact that everyone was just so positive and happy and how it made just everything so much more of a pleasure and everything else so effortless and easy. May I even say it made my dance moves flow like smooth as silk. Anyway I digress.


I put up this picture of me at the start of this journey in 2013 back when I was training in my mums garage, I think James was one of the first guys I did a session in the original space I put him through some horrible stretches and workouts. I have gone through a lot of challenges and ups and downs over the last 5 years but this photo has always stood out to me throughout, I was optimistic, completely lacking experience or knowledge and was about to bight off far more than I ever realised, if I knew back then what I know now and the undertaking and everything that has gone with it I am not sure I would have done it. But I am so glad I did.

So here is to being inspired, fool hardy and having so much optimism it is tantamount to dangerous risky decisions. Those kettlebells are a direct reflection of the size of cahoonas you need to be packing to have the boldness dare I say it borderline arrogance to take on something that has helped and reached out to so many people over the years and changed the lives of many who I have had the opportunity to train and coach. So if your sitting their reading this wanting to make a change, lose weight, get stronger or fitter or maybe your training has plateaued and you are needing help taking it to the next level in your strength or fitness or want to get shredded for the summer why not get in contact today and start your journey.

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Doing something for your future self

I have been reading and rereading a lot lately a book by Derren Brown called Happy. It is a lot about what makes us happy and how to be happy. I must confess I am not much of a reader and since getting it around about this time last year I have still not finished it. But I do come back to it and reread it and Continue to use it as inspiration and guidance in my life. It talks a lot about philosophy and psychology. The reason why I bring it up and am righting about it just now is because some of it is directly applicable to training and coaching people. In the persuit to get yourself and others fitter, stronger and healthier there is much that can inspire and apply that you might not think would relate to strength and fitness.

The concept is by a man called Daniel Kahneman and it is the story of our two selves. He describes the two selves that resides within us the experiencing self and the remembering self. When we look back over the years it will be the remembering self that will judge whether we took happiness from these years. Some of those decisions we made over the years may not have made our experiencing selves happy but in the end would have made our remembering self happy or to put a better way would benefit our future self.

Lets put this into context now. Its Sunday night some of us may have had a few shandies Friday and maybe even Saturday night. Feeling a little fragile today? or maybe just a touch of the Sunday Fear. Our commitments to the gym possibly at 6am on Monday morning or even after work at 5.30pm will be painful maybe for the experiencing self, but it will be something that when we get done our future self or remembering self will benefit from. We have done some strength training, getting our muscles stronger, improving our fitness and helping us lose weight if we need to.

Lets take another example the person, who is currently inactive, you work 9-5 and exercise or even going to the gym is just not on the agenda, maybe your overweight, maybe you need to get stronger or fitter for an event or maybe you just had that wake up call one day showing you that you weren’t as fit as you thought you were or just not fit at all or just realised that your in a bad situation putting on weight, alcohol consumption is fairly high, eating is bad, and their is no exercise routine. When you are faced with that amount of uphill struggle the experiencing self will have a big pull after work or even before work, so trying to change habits like what you eat and how much or just getting up early enough for the gym or making sure you go to the gym after work and not go home and sit on the couch drink beer, eat chips and watch the tv is hard to be frank. But if we think about the benefits to our future selves or think about our remembering self. Changing our habits and working through the pain of new and different things like eating differently, exercising regularly, doing regular strength work, and cardiovascular work then the benefits to our future self is massive we just have to remember this when it comes to the time when we have to do something painful like, get up at 5am, or go to the gym after work, or cut down our drinking, or not overeat or doing burpees, or doing a 2k row.

Another example would be making sure to not neglect your conditioning. A lot of times we can get focused on strength work and forget about balance, we need structure and periodization to our strength training but if we are training for all round strength and fitness and to look good as well then we must not forget the breathing component to finishing our workout, not always but at least 1 out of 3 days and it could be argued that if done right you could do a small amount of cv work at the end of every workout most times. That’s not forgetting the other three sessions we have on our training program at #bobsgarage the gymjones session which is in its nature about higher reps, sweating and getting out of breath in a threshold style workout often including weights, or bodyweight or machines or a mixture and in different workout formats. Or our bodyweight cv and core workout which is a combination of press-ups and pullups then some interval training then some core work. Last but not least our FYF session or as it stands for the Fuck you Friday session a fun team based format session that is all about getting out of breath, sweating and raising that heart rate. You see we are either a cardio bunny or a strong weight lifter, what you sometimes see is the fast ones the ones that run all the time or do lots of cv work will tend to avoid heavy weight training because it is a struggle or because it is not in their tool box or because they just don’t enjoy it or you have the other person who is able to lift weights really well and to a high level but doesn’t do much cv because quite frankly it hurts, when you don’t have a high aerobic and anerobic capacity the feeling of the oxygen being sucked out of you is torture but this is why we must constantly keep in touch with our CV work so that it is not neglected.

So next time you are struggling with a new habit or challenge or getting to the gym be it after work or in the morning or just struggling to get your ass in gear to get in contact with me to get started think about your future self and the benefits you will give them and happiness from doing the stuff you really didn’t want to do but would benefit you later on in your life.


Take Control – Ken Talbot

Your mind is a powerful thing. It is I would argue your strongest asset. It will carry you through the good times and the bad times but whether or not your body is strong or not or injured or able your mind will still be their functioning and strong if you let it.

I have often when speaking to fellow coaches when they are injured say, but its ok you still have your greatest strength your greatest power to affect people, you still have the power of your mind, to inspire, help and change peoples lives.

I have been most affected of late by one mans ability to do this and that is my new personal training client Ken Talbot. Ken came to me through a referral from another amazing person Lisa Wright who is one of my committed members. At first I was unsure if I could work with Ken as he is wheel chair bound and suffers from a condition called CRPS stemming from a accident about 10 years ago.

Long story short I met with Ken, he explained to me he wanted my help to help break the hand bike land speed record in Nevada. He suffers from constant pain due to his condition and injury years ago and unfortunately isn’t able to take any medication for it. So he has to use the power of his will and mental strength to manage the pain. He has to consciously make an effort to fight it and not give in. This in itself would be inspiring just getting on with life and running his own business but he doesn’t just want to do that he wants to set the land speed record for the recumbent bicycle.

Considering the amount of pain he is in constantly, there is no let up by the way, the fact he barely ever gets any sleep and the fact he has to go through mind exercises to block of the pain each night and each morning he really is an inspiration. He will then come in the gym, smile and work his ass off and give it 100% on everything we do. He gives it his best no matter what and he works hard and gets amazing results. He is a committed, disciplined and one of the most mentally strong individuals I have ever come across and continues to inspire me every day I train him.

Ken could quite easily have said, that was enough, I am done fighting, I give up, I can’t do this anymore, and no doubt it has come into his mind a few times at points when he has had disabilitating pain. I for one am so glad that he didn’t. That he continued and still does continue to battle on and not just survive but strive for something even more. He is striving to break a god damn world record and wants to thrive and he has done this all with the power of his mind!

He will routinely do 2 sessions a day roughly around 90 mins each a strength session and a cv session on his bike indoors. He has his own business and is very independent and works hard at his nutrition and getting that dialed in to get his best possible recovery, performance and strength gainz.

I will give you further updates on Ken in the future and we may even look at hosting him at the gym for a talk about his life and what he has gone through and what he is trying to achieve.

You can take control of your life too, maybe your looking for a reboot, reset and to get back into the gym? Maybe you are in need of a change or just stuck on a plateaux and not progressing in fat loss, how your body looks, or just not at the fitness or strength you would like to be at? Or maybe you just keep getting injured when you train and your sick of the way you train?

You need to make a conscious decision to change to stop doing the things you have been doing so long, to change the habits you are so stuck in, you may need my help for accountability or to provide structure in the chaos that is trying to get fit, strong and healthy. Well I am ready for you when you decide to make a conscious decision to change and to start taking control.

As always the mind comes first.

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Are you Lost?

I got lost in the Pentlands yesterday, I went up and the hills and I underestimated them. I got caught in white out conditions, snow, and low visibility. I was sure of the path I always ran when I was younger, the route in my head was clear then something happened, I came to a point where the path was unfamiliar, snow had covered it, and I ended up going down the wrong way. I retraced my steps back up to the last peak and then started back on what I thought was the main route again. Some time passed and I began to get worried, I had gone too far to go back and even if I tried to go back there wasn’t enough light left to go back on the same path. I was lost and a feeling of real panic set in. I took out my phone and put the maps on but I didn’t believe what it was showing me that I was still quite near to Flotterstone. There was a reservoir also but I thought I had passed all that and was a lot further along the hills. I started walking towards what I thought was a road and possible rescue and as I walked further down the route started seeing landmarks that were oddly familiar to when I came up. But that couldn’t be true as I was in a completely different area or so I thought. It slowly dawned on me that I was right back where I started by a stroke of luck I had ended up walking back towards the way I went up and at some point I must have turned around probably when I back tracked.

My point to this story is that many of us may get on a track or way in our life and think we have it all figured out, that can be in exercise or strength training or life in general and then we just end up treading water or snow in my case, lose our way and then get lost. When your lost in life there is no up nor down, weight loss isn’t really that big a importance in your life or is strength or fitness or health.

You maybe have become lost in your goal to lose weight, get fitter or stronger after thinking you were on the right path and thought you had it all covered or nailed, but the trouble is we often get blindsided by our inability to receive feedback, criticism or when we get told that maybe how were going about getting stronger or fitter or trying to lose weight isn’t working or maybe it is even causing us injury or causing us to regress in our health, fitness or strength.

However there is some hope because once you reach that moment where you realize you may have lost your way, you can begin to find it again, reassess yourself look deeply inward for honest and thorough self-assessment and then go about getting back on course. Once you find what matters to you, the goal, the reason to get up at 5am, to go train after work when you feel rubbish, lethergic, and just generally tired you will then have a purpose, a driver. This will help build discipline and be a far greater help in your training than any motivational quote could ever be.

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