Community and culture has always been a driving force behind this gym.  It brings people together to form lasting bonds through going through challenges together. More than that it is a chance to use the power of this gym to support those in need, those going through challenging and stressful times and show that were not alone in this and we can get through it together.


Over the last 6 years and this year in particular we have always tried to bring people together for challenges or workouts or causes.





What really kicked started it all was one of our past members Dal. He got diagnosed with a brain tumour and I felt it was only right for us all to band together and show our support in doing a workout together. It was a big group workout and the idea was to go through something challenging together and give Dal the much needed inspiration and drive to get through this massive life challenge. We also raised money and awareness for The Brain tumour Charity as well. It was an amazing experience, everyone enjoyed it, it brought everyone together and created a fantastic atmosphere.


Roll forward to 2019 and we have had another Do it for Dal our 2nd as tumour had made a return. This year we brought out all the stops. We invited all the families down and we worked out, sweated and raised money for the Brain Tumour Charity. I had many of my members there showing our support and solidarity towards Dal who wasn’t able to workout with us but was standing by cheering us on and buzzing about the whole occasion. All in all we managed to raise £1156.44 this year for The Brain Tumour Charity.

This year we took on a big challenge and asked members to sign up to the Macmillan Rob Roy Might Hike a 26mile walk with a £250 pledge to raise donations each. I myself and member Heather and Amandine entered and began the training and fundraising back in January 2019. Roll forward August 24th and we hosted a big team workout and BBQ and social event to raise fund for our event the weekend after. We had a good turn out from the members and we had Heathers mum and sister cooking burgers for us also it was a fantastic day. We manged to raise in total with the whole groups total myself, Heather, Amandine, Isla, and Jonny a total of £1861.97 for Macmillan Cancer Support.



It has been a fantastic year of team events, community gatherings and just developing and managing a culture and community that supports each other and bands together in a persons time of need whether it be a life changing event, a serious illness, or maybe someone just decides to do something huge like a big challenge or event. Whatever it is we will be ready to support, gather and show our strength as a community to show that we are behind them 100%.  After all it is great to support charity and members in their time of need and develop a community that stays together and develops strong bonds between us all.


Looking forward to the next coming year or so we will be looking at doing a number of events as a gym and supporting a number of charities so look out for further details on that!