Individualisation the next step!

Individualisation – The next step.




Been a while since I wrote my last blog, I have been busy since then building #bobsgarage, daily routine looks like this get up at 0430 eat  and prepare for class coach 0600-1000 train 1000-1200 home nap/eat admin back to gym prep for class 1500-1600 coach 1630-2030 Monday to Friday Saturday coach 0800-1100 train 11-1pm Sunday – clean gym admin sleep in and do yoga run organise life!  I am always thinking of how I can make each member better, stronger, faster, have less pain, move better and just generally live better lives. I see this through empowering them through strength, mobility and fitness.


My last blog post was back in June 1st and I wrote about standards. It came from a desire not to be elitist but to not allow us to settle for lower standards when we train at my gym. So I wanted every person in the gym to aim for a strict press-up and a pullup and I still do! On being able to control and stabilise your body under heavy load be it squats or deadlifts or presses. Assess and confront problems with your body find a solution and make you come back stronger from that. A strong core and the importance of training it nearly  everyday was one of the things I have stuck to since then. I focused on strict movement and did away with teaching the Kip in inductions I saw that we had a limited amount of time and it was served with working strict movements that would in turn make us better at handling more heavier load squatting and deadlifting. I saw that not everyone should be taught the clean and jerk and snatch be it through being a beginner and not having control of their body through strength/stability and mobility/flexibility and proproception or someone who just wasn’t meant to do a certain movement.  This is where I eventually started individualising peoples programs, some people should never snatch or overhead squat and for some people pressing overhead is exceedingly difficult if not detrimental to shoulder health . So it was all about finding the right and specific exercise for each person in the squat, press and deadlift. And knowing when if at all to use the clean and jerk or snatch with them. If  generally follow this format Squat on Monday – Deadlift on Tuesday Wednesday – Press and Thursday Gymnastics Friday is usually A lift or press and Saturday a longer conditioning workout. That does depend on how many times a member comes in and their level and ability to recover. The days can also be flipped around so that if that person comes in on tues- wed – fri I can still follow the same program because were not all following 1 standard program.  With the addition of Saturdays weightlifting session there will be more lifting so the programe will need to be tweeked.


So the last couple of months have been good and I have been getting busier and busier and we now have a committed group of individuals who tend to train more than 3 times a week. I work my gym slightly differently to others in that firstly I personally record everything. Its all about the data and collecting as much of it as possible. If its not quantifiable and measurable then whats the point. This allowed me to see what was going on with all my members where we were slacking or where something was not working. Where someone was suffering with a reoccurring injury by looking back at the data it would help me understand why and try to find a solution. What movements to stay away from and what activation exercises and accessory exercises to make them do to strengthen that inhibition. Its important to address your bodies weakness and try to strengthen them be it weak or inactive hamstrings, tennis elbow, a problem with the ac joint or SI lower back problems or knee problems.


Granted I have made mistakes but I was determined to learn from every single one of them.  What I have learnt is to never get emotional while coaching, hold a high standard of professionalism as much as possible and go the extra mile. Be that with individualisation, or just giving someone extra help who is no longer training at my gym.


Ok so this brings me on the point to which I wanted to write this new blog post. The two years almost I have been going at this I have learnt so much but there is endlessly more things I need to learn about do and develop but its a start, I need to improve my anatomy knowledge, strengthen my body enough to do a front leaver and squat my max for reps, Snatch 100kg and clean and jerk 120kg comfortably.  I have learnt so much through experience and learning from knowledgeable coaches world wide.  I see that learning more about my body and the control and strengthening of it I can learn about doing the same to others .

But I also need to develop my service and the individualisation that I do for each member. It usually takes me about 2hours a day to prep for my classes and I thought what would be good for the committed few that would like this I would start writing them 4 week programmes based on a rough structure of squat – deadlift- press  –  Saturday clean and jerk/ snatch.


The benefit of a 4 week programme is that you will know what your doing on each day for your strength.  The conditioning part will be programmed up at the start of the week still and still hold a group format as much as possible. This will alow you to see the  set reps and account for a deload week on the 4th week  and add more structure to your programme and even more importantly more individualisation to what works specifically best for you.  I  already do this for two of my members already and its where the gains are at, you all get individualised care at the moment and I just want to build on that and make it more structured!

So if this is of interest and you would like me going forward to write you a 4 week program. You need to email me before Sunday 1st Feb.  With some details; how many days you are prepared to train, what you believe are your weakness and what you would like to focus on be it getting bigger and jacked, or losing weight, and focusing on higher longer conditioning workouts, improving your snatch, finding a pressing motion that doesn’t hurt or getting better at your clean. Oh and if you have back issues and the hamstrings don’t work at all then were doing that back extension program for the next 4 weeks to start.


Ok I have rambled on and some of this has probably not made sense. Any questions please email me.



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