June week 2

June Announcements

Friday’s 1930 class will be a yoga class held by Karen Breneman from Meadowlark

BBQ and team workout organised for  Saturday 11th July

9am-11am (no weightlifting that day)

Dodgeball at Rhyze – 18th June 2000 (need to confirm numbers)

Core workshop will be on either 13th or 27th (cost £25)




Monday 8/06/15

Death by burpees

On the first minute do 1 burpee then on the second do 2 and so on.



Tuesday 09/06/15


Odd minute – 1-5 hspu’s

Even minute – 5-10 strict pullups



Wednesday 10/06/15

10 thrusters 50/35kg

40m run

9 thrusters

40m run

8 thrusters

40m run

7 thrusterrs

40m run

6 thrusters

40m run

5 thrusters

40m run

4 thrusters

40m run

3 thrusters

40m run

2 thrusters

40m run

1 thruster

40m run






Thursday 11/06/15

10mins toes to bar practice

Ring row high reps



Wall facing handstand holds

Emotm 8 20-30sec holds





7min amrap

10  Knees to elbows

5     Box jumps





Friday 12/06/15


Manual resistance hamstrings 4x3reps 30sec rest between sets



12 American swings

20 wallballs

200m run



Saturday 13/06/15

Partner barbell complex

5 Rounds

6 power cleans 60/35kg

8 front squats

4 push jerk

10 bar over burpees

You go I go.

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