There is a number of ways in which you can begin your training at #bobsgarage.


The first option is the free trial session that you can use at any of the scheduled sessions, in your trial session I will go over our yoga flow warmup, get an insight into your fitness level, injuries if any and problem areas we need to address be it in strength, mobility or skills.


The second option is to book into the beginner session held every saturday between 9-10am this is a beginner only session and will be used to help develop your strengths in the pullup, pressup, squating, deadlifting and bodyweight conditioning. You can use your trial session in this class also.


The 3rd option is to book into a foundation course which I will bring back in if there is enough demand – email me at

Here we will cover the mechanics to squat-deadlift- kettlebell training and the power clean. over 4 sessions at a cost of £45.

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