June week 3

June Announcements

BBQ and team workout organised for  Saturday 11th July

9am-11am (no weightlifting that day)

Dodgeball at Rhyze – 18th June 2000 (need to confirm numbers)

Core workshop will be on either 13th or 27th (cost £25)


Foundations back on as of start of July


Back to basics technique workshop starting end of June happening every 2 months





Monday 15/06/15

5 rounds

12 hang power cleans 60/40kg

14 american swings

1min rest



Tuesday 16/06/15


10min amrap

Start with a box under a pullup bar and brace yourself so that you hang with your chin over the bar.

When your chin is no longer above the bar drop off and run 200m




Wednesday 17/06/15


6 deadlift 100/60kg

8 box jumps 24/20

10 burpees






Thursday 18/06/15

Weighted KB deadbugs


10 arms only

10 legs only

1min rest


Ring dip progressions



Ring pressup hold



5x30on30off supermen


Conditioning optional



Toes to bar

40m sprint



Friday 19/06/15


Depth jumps

4x 3reps with 30sec rest



7 clean and jerk 90/50kg

14 bar over burpees

800m run



Saturday 20/06/15

40min partner hero wod

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