Individualisation – How CrossFit is prescribed at #BOBSGARAGE

Individualisation – How CrossFit is prescribed at #bobsgarage


The way I coach and program and just generally use CrossFit has developed (and I would hope improved and advanced!) since I started this journey. It was from Andy Mckenzie that I first learnt how I should individualise for my athletes and the truth is, it scared me as it involved a lot of work – regardless, I carried it out. I have been giving some of my athlete’s strength cycles for the last 6 months and we are now in our 6th cycle.


For most, there was no need for a strength cycle just careful noting of what was wrong, what needed to be fixed or strengthened and how we were going to go about it. Putting it simply, I want to treat every member as an individual and prescribe them the specific strength and supplementary work as needed. For some, that was much needed mobility rehab, rehab exercises and making sure to only do exercises that worked for them.


A dedication to strict movement – controversial, but I saw it as having only an hour to train someone and I wanted to dedicate that pullup time or handstand pressup time to strict movement that would have a direct carry over to their compound lifts. However, I do understand the need to practice kipping movement to those that want to compete in CrossFit – so that is why more advanced athletes do practice those movements. Therefore, one of your first goals when you begin at my gym is your first pressup and chinup/pullup if you haven’t got those already.


It was even more than all of this though, I wanted to create athletes that were spacially aware and had the ability to hold themselves in good athletic positions under fatigue and duress. This is vital as trunk stability is hugely important, and the ability to control it is as much a safety point as it is an efficiency point.


If these are the foundations, then the stuff that holds it together ‘the concrete’ is the community aspect – the bond made by sharing, suffering and helping each other out.  Putting it simply – ‘friends don’t let friends have bad technique’. There will always be a group ‘WOD’ (Workout Of the Day) at the end of each session and Saturdays at 10am will always be a partner team workout.


So if you are going to join #bobsgarage expect to get stronger and fitter; learn weightlifting movements; gymnastics; address any mobility issues. Get comfortable squatting; dead lifting; pressing.  Rep out pullups and press-ups easily, and when the time is right – Olympic lifts such as the clean + jerk and snatch where appropriate. Expect to sweat a lot, smile a lot, laugh a lot, develop a strong mentality, a will to succeed, and stamina to finish what you started!

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