July Week 1

June Announcements


BBQ and team workout organised for  Saturday 11th July

9am-11am (no weightlifting that day)


Yoga with Karen from Meadowlark

17th, July 6pm intro to power yoga 90mins £5 members £10 non members

24th July 6pm next level power yoga

14th August 6pm next level power yoga

All classes will last 90mins and cost £5 for members and £10 for non members.

Evening classes on these day will be 1600,1700, 1930 for crossfit.



Foundations back on as of start of 1st July




Back to basics technique workshop starting end of June happening every 2 months next one is 27th June






Monday 29/06/15

5 rounds

10 burpees

15 goblet squats

30 step walking lunge



Tuesday 30/06/15



20 Press-ups

10 chest to bar Pullups

10 kb clean and press R

10 kb clean and press L






Wednesday 01/07/15


Barbell complex


10 rounds

5Clusters 60/40kg

10 kb swings

200m run



Thursday 02/07/15


Kipping swing practice for toes to bar



Superman holds accumulate 5mins



Optional conditioning


Wall walks

Ohs 60/35kg




Friday 03/07/15


Load and explode drill out and back 4x




1 clean start at roughly 60% weight and add weight as you feel confident

2 hang cleans

1 push jerk




Saturday 04/07/15


Between the two of you (lunge together and other exercises only 1 person may work at the same time)

50m walking lunge

40 pullups

100 box jumps

40 double unders

50 ring dips

40 knees to elbows

60 swings 32/16kg

40 hang kb squat cleans

60 wallballs

6 rope climbs

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