July week 2

June Announcements


BBQ and team workout organised for  Saturday 11th July

9am-11am (no weightlifting that day)


Yoga with Karen from Meadowlark

17th, July 6pm intro to power yoga 90mins £5 members £10 non members

24th July 6pm next level power yoga

14th August 6pm next level power yoga

All classes will last 90mins and cost £5 for members and £10 for non members.

Evening classes on these day will be 1600,1700, 1930 for crossfit.



Monday 06/07/15

4 rounds

10 overhead plate forward stepping lunges

10 overhead plate backward stepping lunges

10 squats with plate

5 athletic burpees

100m run with plate




Tuesday 07/07/15


14min amrap

3Handstand press-ups

6 Inverted ring rows (on box if strong enough)

10 alternating kb swinging clean and push press

200 run




Wednesday 08/07/15


3 power snatch



Thursday 09/07/15


Kipping swing practice for toes to bar




Superman rock




inverted hang > pike > back lever > rings low on ground so that when you go into back lever the feet can drop onto ground.




Optional conditioning

2min on 1min off x3

2 Strict burpees

3 toes to bar

1 burpee pullup


Friday 10/07/15


4 push up start sprints




1 clean

2 front squats

3 bar over burpees



Saturday 04/07/15

Team workout and BBQ

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