July week 3

July Announcements

Please note Friday’s class times will be different because of the yoga class at 1800.



Yoga with Karen from Meadowlark

17th, July 6pm intro to power yoga 90mins £5 members £10 non members

24th July 6pm next level power yoga

14th August 6pm next level power yoga

All classes will last 90mins and cost £5 for members and £10 for non members.

Evening classes on these day will be 1600,1700, 1930 for crossfit.



Monday 13/07/15

Bulgarian split squat challenge

3 rounds of

Max Effort attempts – Start on Left leg do 10 split squats with rear leg elevated,

Every 10reps pause for 10secs at bottom under tension, keep going to failure


Immediately do the other Right side to failure

Rest 2mins between sets record scores


This is a bodyweight challenge no weight is used.


Tuesday 14/07/15


10min amrap

20sec wallfacing handstand hold

5 strict pullups

40m dash




Wednesday 15/07/15


4 deadlift 60/35kg

3 hang power cleans

2 push press



Thursday 16/07/15

Quarterly  – bodyweight testing and goal setting



Friday 17/07/15


Box jump moderate height single rep 5sets



ME hspu

15 toes to bar

400m run



Saturday 18/07/15

Partner workout

400m farmers carry


50 wallballs

50 push press 60/40kg

50 goblet squats

50 inverted ring rows

EMOTM everybody does 3 burpees

400m farmers carry


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