July Week 4

Prioritzing spinal mechanics is the first and most important step in rebuilding and ingraining functional motor patterns, optimizing movement efficiency, maximizing force production, and avoiding injury. In order to safely and effectively transmit force through your core and into your extremities, you need to organize your spine in a neutral position and then create stability throughout that organised system by engaging the musculature of your trunk, which is known as bracing. – Mid line stabilisation and organization – Spinal Mechanics. Dr Kelly Starrett. Becoming a Supple Leopard



July Announcements

Please note Friday’s class times will be different because of the yoga class at 1800.



Yoga with Karen from Meadowlark

17th, July 6pm intro to power yoga 90mins £5 members £10 non members

24th July 6pm next level power yoga

14th August 6pm next level power yoga

All classes will last 90mins and cost £5 for members and £10 for non members.

Evening classes on these day will be 1600,1700, 1930 for crossfit.



Monday 20/07/15


1 power clean

5 front squats


Tuesday 21/07/15


12min amrap

4 kb snatches Left

4 kb snatches Right

8 strict burpees





Wednesday 22/07/15


8 Thrusters 60/35kg

16 kb swings 24/16kg

800m run


Thursday 23/07/15

Hand stand pressup practice

–          Negatives

–          Reduced distance

–          Reps – leave one rep on the floor each time – accumulate 20-25reps


10min Toes to bar/kipping practice practice


Hollow rock holds 6x20on 30off


Ring support 15-30on 1min off x5


Optional conditioning wod

3 rounds

15 Ring press-ups

20 Wallballs

400m run



Friday 24/07/15

Plyo – upper

Sandbag side to side pressup jumps


Rest 1min between sets



8 min amrap

10 Land mines on Left

10 Landmines on Right

Max effort chin-ups




Saturday 25/07/15

Barbell complex

YOU GO I GO partner rounds

10 rounds

10 burpee box jumps

20 goblet squats

Shoulder sandbag L

Shoulder sandbag R

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