Member Story – Chris MacBeth

Member Story Chris MacBeth

Chris First session

Ive been a member now for two years. When I joined I was broken and really unfit, despite going to another gym about 3 times a week. My time at #BG has been excellent. Ive been rehabbed, I improved my movement, Ive been taught some complex movements, and in general my overall health is far better than it was before. As a result, I now lead a much healthier lifestyle. After Years of sitting around not doing much and working a desk job I had a lot of mobility issues. My movement was very poor. After a few weeks of working on mobility, with Bobs guidance, you soon start to see the benefits of better movement in day to day life and that then transferred over into my weightlifting.

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Before I started at #BG I found that I was stuck in a rut at my old gym. I wasnt seeing the results I desired. I was finding it difficult to push myself hard enough. I wasnt following any specific programme and was training alone which meant I had no enthusiasm/desire to train. The gym I attended was the other side of town and took a lot of time to get from there to home after a days work. So I looked into local gyms near my home and I came across a few of these CrossFit gyms.

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The first thing I did was look at reviews of what this Crossfit was, and by god did it look like hard work! So after some research I decided to get in touch with one of the gyms. After a chat with Bob I actually decided against trying it, but after about 6 weeks of this Crossfit niggling at the back of my mind and my usual old boring gym routine I chose to take the plunge. I arranged my induction course. I did my induction course with a couple of other guys who were all in the same boat as me. When it came to it I was shocked, thinking to myself that the warm up alone was more intense than my actual gym sessions.

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I signed up a couple of weeks after my induction. I was reluctant to at first because of how tough it was but I decided to bite the bullet. Ive never looked back since. The main reason I stuck with it was the training with others as a group, all encouraging each other. Getting to learn Olympic lifting as well as being taught how to do squats, deadlifts and presses properly.

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At first its challenging but after a few months you develop and you start to enjoy it more and more. Although thats not to say it stops becoming challenging. Youre training is constantly being changed and new things added to keep you on your toes. After a while you learn to take it in your stride and you realise that no matter what challenge youre thrown its achievable!

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Ive had a lot of success in my time at #BG so much I dont know where to start! I am stronger, fitter and more mobile than ever before! The special thing about #BG is that you get an individual programme scaled to your ability but that also pushes you to your limits so that you can achieve your goals. One of my biggest successes was passing my CrossFit Level-1 Trainers course and becoming a qualified coach. Which with Bobs help has resulted in my taking some of the classes at the gym and helping out.

Thankfully Ive not suffered any major failures really. Everybody has those days you go in and are not in the mood, usually after a tough day at work, but after being there for a few minutes and mixing with the other members you soon pick up and are raring to go.

Personally I stuck with it for a few reasons. The group training and the friends you make being a big one. Also Bob drops knowledge bombs after knowledge bombs, hes always learning and passing on information to keep your training interesting and fun.

#BG is a very unique place like none other. The individualised programmes mean that you are going to get results no matter what the circumstances. The community of members is a close one and everyone always friendly and welcoming to anyone new. The most unique thing is probably Bob, hes a one of a kind coach who has the ability to deal with a wide verity of different personalities but also the knowledge to be able to deal with almost every situation possible.

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If you are looking to improve your overall fitness, I suggest you come and give it a try. The atmosphere is always good, people encourage you all the time and will help you if you need it, youll make new friends and most importantly its fun.

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