Colin Gordon Deadlift Workshop

The weekends Deadlift workshop with Colin Gordon was a huge success.


We discussed Flexion and extension in great detail in relation to the Jefferson Curl exercise.

But more importantly we got to grips with the deadlift, how to warm up specifically for it and how to set up, breath and use our body to its maximum potential so we can deadlift all the weights like Eddie Hall.


Every time I have a workshop with Colin I learn a little bit more about movement, training and coaching in general, it was a fantastic 3 hours or so that just flew by.


We looked at in great detail how increasing our movement capacity across exercises like the single leg kb deadlift, hip aeroplanes and lateral lunges can have a huge benefit in not only increasing hip stability and mobility but helping reduce our chances of injury when lifting.


It was a good opportunity to just turn the music off forget about everything else going on at that moment and truelly commit yourself to listening and focusing on getting better at deadlifting. And that’s what we did there was a good amount of focus in the room and we all developed and learnt more about how to deadlift more efficiently.


Once we had gone through a specific deadlift warmup we then broke out into groups to go over breathing, setup, lat engagement and the stages of the deadlift.


We had two of my newer members in the workshop, Craig and Beth who I had gone over the deadlift a couple of times before in the last 2months I had been training them. This workshop was perfect for them as it gave the opportunity to focus on nothing else except this complex movement and they progressed with their technique really well.



We looked at how the lat engagement was really the key to a good pull, and that without the lats we really wouldn’t be able to pull the weight that we are able to pull, so if you pin those shoulder back in your set up it will help your body act as one, get you using your hamstrings etc and the weight will just float up.


Beth had only deadlifted 30kg or so past few months and she came to me unable to do an full airsquat because of lack of leg strength, past week or so she just started to have the strength to do full airsquats, and has the shoulder strength to complete our segmented flows, she also cut her 5k run time down by 3mins and at the deadlift workshop deadlifted 65kg with good technique.


I finished the workshop by just working up to a heavy single that was 220kg a 20kg PB.

So it was a great workshop, and we hopefully will have another workshop with Colin in a couple of months time on the squat fingers crossed.


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