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Its been a while since my last blog post!

Sorry about that. I thought I would publish a new post today on my favourite types of conditioning just now. I have been doing lots of different forms of conditioning, ranging from 60min – 90min rows, half marathon rows, gearing rows, and interval work the main interval work I have been using for myself and my athletes is 30secs on 30secs off x6 row with 4mins rest x3. With the sled I have been using 20m distances out and back ranging from 40kg for beginners to 60-80kg for more advanced stronger and fitter athletes. This sled workout I have been referring to as dirty 30’s as its roughly 30secs work and 30secs rest usually done for 10mins but I have done it with 60kg for 20mins once or twice and its quite sickening.

The Every Minute on The Minute workout can be used in many different ways, with the dirty 30’s workout on the sled it is just the best and worst conditioning workout as it has the ability to light up your energy systems and also your power endurance of your legs, its also great as your pushing so there is an element of upper body work there albeit not much but it is a whole body movement.

Another version we are seeing more of as of late is using the emotm format ontop of completing a number of reps from another movement, today I attempted a workout of that version which was a workout I saw from one of the Gym Jones coaches – Chris Feather from all the way over in Sydney at 98 Riley St Gym. He is a certified beast like Rob MacDonald. His workout was 300 burpees emotm 5 Deadlift at BW which for me was 90kg. You can play these workouts one of two ways, go balls to the wall and try to get as many burpees done as you can in the minute before you have to do your 5 deadlifts or pace it and try and leave yourself 30secs rest each time, so ultimately you will be doing an hour of 30secs work 30secs rest. In this case I picked the 2nd choice. The best strategy to take with this long interval workout is to pace yourself and focus on good movement and bracing and breathing, in that rest period try your best to get good deep breaths in to recover, mindset is a big player here as 50reps in I was really struggling and needed to focus on small bite sized chunks of the workouts and getting used to the heavy breathing.

Now with such a long workout unfortunately it did prove too much for me as my left hamstring gave out at about the 60min mark, fatigue and exhaustion hit. So if I was to use this workout to the general population it would be for 20mins and maybe at 40% of their max, but the key point here is that you can create really good conditioning workouts if you add a whole body lift at low reps with a body weight movement or even a erg or Airdyne or sled, as long as your stick to the parameter’s of 30secs work 30secs rest I don’t see why you couldn’t do it to 60-90mins and its would be great really hit you hard feel it in the lungs and feel like a hard 60min run or bike or swim.

Just be ready to push yourself and test your mental strength, how long can you really go? I didn’t think I would get past 20mins but I got to 60mins, a little strain on the hamstring but nothing I cant heal with some focused recovery and nutrition and rehydration and maybe not squatting tomorrow.

As a coach I have much to learn, knowledge still needs to be developed and I will continually strive to learn and understand more through my mentor and coach Andy McKenzie and other coaches, one person I have also learnt a lot from has been Rob MacDonald and Mark Twight, pushed myself further than I thought possible. I will be looking to learn more about performance and strength gainz from Ashley Jones later in July also and will probably head back to Salt Lake city for the Gym Jones Level 2.

I think its good to form thought and processes from the training that I experience myself though as that will give me an understanding on how to train others as I do think that there is a balance between strength and conditioning training being both an art and an expertise and only you know the right mix for each person and what the best fit is, I think that’s the beaty of Individualisation. Each persons mix is slightly different depending on where they are on the strength spectrum, there level of fitness, injuries they carry and how long they have been training.

So next time your in the gym try a EMOTM workout try this 50 strict burpees emotm  do 10 goblet squats.

Good day Sir.



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