Stuck in a Rut

I was going to call this blog ‘if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you’ but it felt too corny too commercial and too mainstream as sometimes it is the very act of not constantly challenging yourself that can actually change you. So it is called ‘Stuck in a Rut’ as it is for all of you out there that are just that stuck in a situation that is not changing  and is not where you want to be.


You maybe overweight, not achieving the results with your current program, not enjoying it, lost the drive, determination or motivation or even love to train at the moment but lets expand the net too bad habits, diet, being lazy, drinking too much, smoking or kicking any sort of habit, the ending of a relationship, maybe you work for yourself and are not where you want to be, maybe you are stuck in a job you hate, or in a situation at work that is just making you miserable. You may have either gone through the change already broke the habit,  or are thinking about breaking the vicious cycle that leads you right back to the beginning each time just now.


In the gym it can be a simple matter of just coming to the realisation that you are not as fit or as strong as you thought you were, this can be from a test a good test is a 2000m row or as small as a 500m row or simply  not being as strong as your thought not being able to lift a weight or do it a certain amount of times or complete a workout in a certain time.

At the point you realise where you went wrong or where you went of course it is hard and emotions frequently run high, and it can be a stressful time, you are unfit, you realise fuck I have let myself go those extra pounds have turned into an extra stone. Or maybe its the fitness, the daily run or weekly 10mile run has turned into a weekly jog then a monthly thought oh I must go for a run or hit the gym except you never go.

Once you reach the point of clarity what do you do? Maybe you lash out in anger, bitterness, that you are not where you are, fatter, weaker and not as successful as you would like. Maybe you turn to drink and drown your sorrows and commit to brash statements like yes I will run a marathon in 16 weeks and get my fitness back on track. Or I will be more independent and take more control over my life and make the most of the opportunity’s I am given.

The point at which you are able to reflect and see where you went ofcourse and are able to correct is invaluable and it can turn a crisis, low point in your life into some of your most successful moments you will have and that’s by just using the situation the error the failure and learning from it and turning it into a positive, learning from it and coming back on track.

In GymJones they describe it as this:

‘Accurate Self-knowledge procedes behavioural change. Honest, thorough, self-assessment isn’t easy so a coach must facilitate self-discovery by exposing physiological and psychological characteristics’.

I have found that periods of high stress, upheaval are joined by periods of uncertainty but also joined by huge spikes in my creativity, drive, imagination and passion for my job and then followed by periods of success mostly. To put it simply the job that I am involved in is not something I take on lightly, it involves peoples lives and often changing how they view themselves and changing their perspective and perception of who they were and who they want to be. Be it if they want to become stronger, fitter, lose weight or complete a challenge of any sort or maybe they simply want to be in the best physical shape of their life and that’s ok.

So I would like to introduce with that in mind my new program and training package. I am offering 10 of these packages to begin this new journey.

What it is:

A 12 week periodised and individualised program

a 3 month commitment at a introductory offer of £50 a month

It will begin with a coffee consultation to see if your suitable.

There will be a 1:1 session included which we will go over the following:

movment assessment

breathing and bracing

injuries and rehab

range of motion and mobility specific to you.


cool downs

breaking down of the squat deadlift and bench press.

You will have the opportunity to train in the small group sessions once a week.

We will create a program designed around the equipment you have available in your gym or where ever you are and design it around the goals and challenges you want to succeed in.

You will be able to get feedback with training through WhatsApp.

If you have read this far, if this blog post has been a catalyst to make you change or keep you going after a change then good that was the point, if you are interested in being one of the 10 12 week candidates then get in touch and we can get the ball rolling with a coffee next week.

email me at –



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