Reaching a turning point

I thought about many things to call this blog post. You could call it a call to action or a beacon of hope or the catalyst that will light the undying fire inside you too reach your goals. I wanted to call it a ‘fuck it’ post talking about the point at which you can get too with some things, maybe letting training slip, eating too much and gaining too much weight, drinking too much and getting unfit, fat and having a belly. Or a post about being the man you are and the man you want to be but that was too gender specific. Or title it how to stop being fat, lazy and stop lathergy. But really its about reaching a turning point in your life or more specifically how to get to that turning point.

This is where you stop letting situations dominate you, you stop letting people getting the better of you. You set goals and you work tirelessly until you achieve them. You take set back and you failures and you learn from them, you learn to hurt and you learn to hurt often with failures, harsh feedback, and just dealing with general shite. The turning point can come at any point in your life. It can be you just sit up one day and decide you don’t want to be overweight, or unfit, or want to finally get stronger. You may have put it off for months years etc but something finally ticked off and you thought ‘fuck it’ I need to make a change. You start small and you find a place to learn to lift and get stronger and fitter. But this is only the start of your journey.

The turning point most times will be painful and it will involve hearing somethings you don’t want to hear or you have shut off from for sometime. You may have just gained weight over the years because your priorities change, running a business, making a living for your wife, maybe child, making enough to provide a roof over your head, food for the table, a car and holidays and everything that goes along with that. Maybe you have 6am starts and 9pm finishes and their is just no room in the schedule for a  strength and fitness regime. This is until one day you look at yourself in the mirror and think fuck what happened, well your priorities happened and you didn’t manage to balance them and gym just got put to the bottom of the list.

I say it can be painful because you maybe caught in a vicious cycle of feeling sorry for yourself, constantly locked onto failings maybe just never following through in commitments or things you will say you will do or maybe you just need to empower yourself to be the person you need to be. Taking control of your life, your decisions and making a plan, a sensible plan and working on it day after day. The turning point can be painful as you need to come to terms with the things you need to work on, the failures and the things that you have struggled with and then you need to let those things go and fully embrace you for being who you are. Most times in fitness it is just a case of saying yea I need to get stronger or yea I need to stop neglecting my fitness and do breathing work every week.

Once you come to terms with that pain be it, being overweight or just knowing that you need to be healthier, in the food you eat or how much you drink then you can start to work on it but you need to own that shit first before you can have the ‘fuck it’ moment where you say to me yup. I’m all in lets do this.

To reach your turning point you will need a strong driver, a reason  to get up in the morning, a goal a purpose, mine for example is a strong driver to help people get fitter and stronger and to learn and develop as a coach, athlete and gym to progress this ideal as much as possible. It is my number one priority in my life only second to my family mum, dad, sister and gran. Having this much dedication and willingness to sacrifice and give to this ideal really helps when you hit low points or need to power through to reach goals and targets.

Once you have found your strong driver, it could be you want to lose weight for a wedding, or get fit and strong for a challenge or race or just be in the best looking condition of your life, you have a pillar to build your life around and it will help you make it a priority. This will become useful when after the first week of training your new positive attitude is found wanting because you have been shown the true level of your strength or fitness and it hurts not just the muscles but I am talking mentally it could dent your pride and you could feel demotivated. When this happens you have two choices you can either choose to sulk and go back to your old ways for comfort and habit or you can learn from it absorb it and say ok I am here and I will be this little bit further to be fitter and stronger in a couple of weeks time.

There will be more pain coming in the form of early mornings, fatigue and maybe tired or sore muscles from the session before, not used to getting up before 6am and all this culminates in a severe challenge some will face in following through with the training they commit too. It can also be the same for after work, you have been working maybe 8am to 5-6pm? your tired lethargic, maybe in the past you were lazy and would just go home and sit on the sofa and order a takeaway? These habits didn’t form over night and you have probably been doing them for a long time so it will take a while to break them and stay with them so start small and give yourself a break if you start to struggle, maybe you need to train less while you get used to the new regime or need to gradually build up more. These things take time.

This is the same with your diet and nutrition it will be painful, to eat the same thing all the time, or maybe your good and have varied things, but it will be painful to change your habits, to eat more vegetables, fruit, and less processed, high fat, sugar, just the tasty shite that you know is bad for you like a whole 16′ pizza. Your turning point will probably take a few years, I know I have been working towards mine over the last 5 years while running #bobsgarage and I have had slip ups in my diet motivation and discipline have been strong at points and weak in others but over all in the whole 5 years this gym has shaped me to handle suffering, pain and just being able to be more robust, hardy and develop my grit and determination to not give up and keep progressing forward.

When you start to develop the discipline to complete a workout program, meal prep your food for the week, eat a certain amount of protein, carbs and fat each day, go to bed early, not over eat on sweets and processed food, do your conditioning sessions, fully rehab injuries, not get frustrated when life or training doesn’t go your way and in the end of it look back at it with a smile and say I did that then you are some way to reaching that turning point.

maybe you have reach your ‘fuck it’ moment already and this post has been the spark that has lite the fire inside you too change, get fitter, stronger or maybe finally losing the weight you told yourself you would lose years ago, or maybe you just have been stuck in a rut, or fallen out of love from training.

Right now I have availability for at least 5 new members in my 6am class as well as another 5 or so across all classes.

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