Are you Lost?

I got lost in the Pentlands yesterday, I went up and the hills and I underestimated them. I got caught in white out conditions, snow, and low visibility. I was sure of the path I always ran when I was younger, the route in my head was clear then something happened, I came to a point where the path was unfamiliar, snow had covered it, and I ended up going down the wrong way. I retraced my steps back up to the last peak and then started back on what I thought was the main route again. Some time passed and I began to get worried, I had gone too far to go back and even if I tried to go back there wasn’t enough light left to go back on the same path. I was lost and a feeling of real panic set in. I took out my phone and put the maps on but I didn’t believe what it was showing me that I was still quite near to Flotterstone. There was a reservoir also but I thought I had passed all that and was a lot further along the hills. I started walking towards what I thought was a road and possible rescue and as I walked further down the route started seeing landmarks that were oddly familiar to when I came up. But that couldn’t be true as I was in a completely different area or so I thought. It slowly dawned on me that I was right back where I started by a stroke of luck I had ended up walking back towards the way I went up and at some point I must have turned around probably when I back tracked.

My point to this story is that many of us may get on a track or way in our life and think we have it all figured out, that can be in exercise or strength training or life in general and then we just end up treading water or snow in my case, lose our way and then get lost. When your lost in life there is no up nor down, weight loss isn’t really that big a importance in your life or is strength or fitness or health.

You maybe have become lost in your goal to lose weight, get fitter or stronger after thinking you were on the right path and thought you had it all covered or nailed, but the trouble is we often get blindsided by our inability to receive feedback, criticism or when we get told that maybe how were going about getting stronger or fitter or trying to lose weight isn’t working or maybe it is even causing us injury or causing us to regress in our health, fitness or strength.

However there is some hope because once you reach that moment where you realize you may have lost your way, you can begin to find it again, reassess yourself look deeply inward for honest and thorough self-assessment and then go about getting back on course. Once you find what matters to you, the goal, the reason to get up at 5am, to go train after work when you feel rubbish, lethergic, and just generally tired you will then have a purpose, a driver. This will help build discipline and be a far greater help in your training than any motivational quote could ever be.

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