Take Control – Ken Talbot

Your mind is a powerful thing. It is I would argue your strongest asset. It will carry you through the good times and the bad times but whether or not your body is strong or not or injured or able your mind will still be their functioning and strong if you let it.

I have often when speaking to fellow coaches when they are injured say, but its ok you still have your greatest strength your greatest power to affect people, you still have the power of your mind, to inspire, help and change peoples lives.

I have been most affected of late by one mans ability to do this and that is my new personal training client Ken Talbot. Ken came to me through a referral from another amazing person Lisa Wright who is one of my committed members. At first I was unsure if I could work with Ken as he is wheel chair bound and suffers from a condition called CRPS stemming from a accident about 10 years ago.

Long story short I met with Ken, he explained to me he wanted my help to help break the hand bike land speed record in Nevada. He suffers from constant pain due to his condition and injury years ago and unfortunately isn’t able to take any medication for it. So he has to use the power of his will and mental strength to manage the pain. He has to consciously make an effort to fight it and not give in. This in itself would be inspiring just getting on with life and running his own business but he doesn’t just want to do that he wants to set the land speed record for the recumbent bicycle.

Considering the amount of pain he is in constantly, there is no let up by the way, the fact he barely ever gets any sleep and the fact he has to go through mind exercises to block of the pain each night and each morning he really is an inspiration. He will then come in the gym, smile and work his ass off and give it 100% on everything we do. He gives it his best no matter what and he works hard and gets amazing results. He is a committed, disciplined and one of the most mentally strong individuals I have ever come across and continues to inspire me every day I train him.

Ken could quite easily have said, that was enough, I am done fighting, I give up, I can’t do this anymore, and no doubt it has come into his mind a few times at points when he has had disabilitating pain. I for one am so glad that he didn’t. That he continued and still does continue to battle on and not just survive but strive for something even more. He is striving to break a god damn world record and wants to thrive and he has done this all with the power of his mind!

He will routinely do 2 sessions a day roughly around 90 mins each a strength session and a cv session on his bike indoors. He has his own business and is very independent and works hard at his nutrition and getting that dialed in to get his best possible recovery, performance and strength gainz.

I will give you further updates on Ken in the future and we may even look at hosting him at the gym for a talk about his life and what he has gone through and what he is trying to achieve.

You can take control of your life too, maybe your looking for a reboot, reset and to get back into the gym? Maybe you are in need of a change or just stuck on a plateaux and not progressing in fat loss, how your body looks, or just not at the fitness or strength you would like to be at? Or maybe you just keep getting injured when you train and your sick of the way you train?

You need to make a conscious decision to change to stop doing the things you have been doing so long, to change the habits you are so stuck in, you may need my help for accountability or to provide structure in the chaos that is trying to get fit, strong and healthy. Well I am ready for you when you decide to make a conscious decision to change and to start taking control.

As always the mind comes first.

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