The power to inspire change

This weekend I had the privilege of attending a long time school friend and a #bobsgarage original member James Magee’s wedding. It was a truly magnificent day and it felt awesome to be part of such a special day and moment in his life. I have known James since school and I have seen him develop and change and evolve over the years through his challenges and ups and downs. He is an inspiration in business and life and a truly lovely and down to earth caring guy. I was inspired by the day and to be able share in this special moment in his life. I was taken aback at how much positive energy was in the room, the sun helped but everyone was smiling and it just brought out the best in everyone and myself.

I have been inspired by James and the challenges he has faced and gone through and continues to go through, by the progress he strives for in his business daily from 5am to late into the hours of the night. I regularly get insights into challenges people face and go through, I spoke to two people yesterday at the wedding that absolutely lit a fire inside me just like James does. One was the vicars wife who told me her massive struggles with cancer and tumours at which I was immediately able to relate to with my Father last year having cancer of the oesophagus, an amazing women and ferociously strong in mind and body.  I also spoke to another a man who I had met on one of our countless drunken nights out when I was younger but couldn’t quite put the face to the name who had also gone through struggles with illness, I was inspired by both of them, by their stories, by the day itself, by the fact that everyone was just so positive and happy and how it made just everything so much more of a pleasure and everything else so effortless and easy. May I even say it made my dance moves flow like smooth as silk. Anyway I digress.


I put up this picture of me at the start of this journey in 2013 back when I was training in my mums garage, I think James was one of the first guys I did a session in the original space I put him through some horrible stretches and workouts. I have gone through a lot of challenges and ups and downs over the last 5 years but this photo has always stood out to me throughout, I was optimistic, completely lacking experience or knowledge and was about to bight off far more than I ever realised, if I knew back then what I know now and the undertaking and everything that has gone with it I am not sure I would have done it. But I am so glad I did.

So here is to being inspired, fool hardy and having so much optimism it is tantamount to dangerous risky decisions. Those kettlebells are a direct reflection of the size of cahoonas you need to be packing to have the boldness dare I say it borderline arrogance to take on something that has helped and reached out to so many people over the years and changed the lives of many who I have had the opportunity to train and coach. So if your sitting their reading this wanting to make a change, lose weight, get stronger or fitter or maybe your training has plateaued and you are needing help taking it to the next level in your strength or fitness or want to get shredded for the summer why not get in contact today and start your journey.

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