Having the belief in yourself

When I was sitting at my desk 5 years ago at a recruitment company, and I said to the person next to me I wanted to open a gym, they laughed in my face. How dare I have such a big and challenging goal and how dare I think that I could for 1 run a gym and 2 do something I had never had any experience in. Back 5 years ago maybe more I lacked confidence, and the ability to stand out from the crowd or stand up and be counted for my beliefs and what I wanted to stand for. It was a regular occurrence at school that my old school friend Dave would say I needed to stand up for myself and be more confident, I just wasn’t very good at pushing back when people were rude, talked shite about me or just pushed me about. Couple years down the line and I am out of Uni and doing CF and the same is said to me by my old coach Jonny one good example is of a morning session and getting ready for a wod and setting up a plyo box and I just let a girl take it off me without saying anything.

The day I started standing up for myself and being counted was the day I decided to stick my neck out and do something different, deciding to open a CF gym with little to no experience or qualifications was gonna do that. I was told I just wasn’t cut out to being a coach, I wasn’t a good fit. I wouldn’t listen and never have to that.

When I started this 5 years ago I just had this belief that what I did had changed my life had become a rock which grounded me in times of struggle and I just loved feeling fitter and stronger and the way it made me feel. However there were still challenges when it came to confidence and standing up for what I belief in. I didn’t have the knowledge, understanding, experience or just confidence from a few years of making the mistakes learning from them and so was still stuck in the area of my life where I still failed to believe in myself.

I think this started to change around the time I started to find GymJones and its training and the trips I made out to Salt Lake City and through spending time with Bobby Maximus who took the Foundation seminar and Intermediate seminar.

The reason why I am writing a post about having belief in yourself is because what I found out in the GymJones seminars and my training over the last 5 years is this. You can improve your mental strength and your power of belief my how you train. Put it simply doing something you though that wasn’t possible like open a fucking gym, row 600m in 2mins or row a 2k in under 6.50 or squat 180kg, just taking it further than you thought possible, taking it past your limitations or shall I say predisposed, doing something you thought wasn’t possible will improve your mental strength.

As I have found this last 5 years training is massively a mental battle, yes you need a base level of fitness, strength and mobility but you will get to a point and that point is a line in the sand that will either see you stay comfortable in your own limitations, or you will cross it, lift weight that scares you, row that extra bit harder to beat your previous time, eat that little bit better, eat more protein and the right amount of the right foods and drink less beer, all these things, getting stronger than we ever have before, fitter, losing the weight and having the body we desire, is all a mental battle.

Improving your mental strength and game can transfer over to your day to day life as well its not just about that Friday conditioning session performance, by increasing your belief in yourself in your performance in the gym and what you can do you increase your belief in your confidence and how you act outside of the gym, in the office, with relationships, and social occasions, if you have the confidence and belief you have built inside the gym it can come with you and help you in all areas in life not just strength and fitness.

The photo I put up I chose as it is a picture on me climbing the gymnastic ropes in Venice beach in California probably about 6 years ago, I did a road trip fromĀ  San Diego to San Fran on my own and I thought I was shredded I wasn’t very strong or but I did have a tenacious goal and was crazy optimistic, I am thankful for that past self that had the balls to set this all up and I am looking forward to the next 5 years.

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