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I was going to title this blog post ‘you don’t get the results you want you get the results that you deserve’ but in reality it is a post about a long term member Jamie who triggered theses thoughts on training. Its also his birthday this week and so I figured I would write it as an ode to all his hard work he has invested in training at the gym over the years.

Jamie joined our gym around the time of 2014 with one of his good friends who turned out to be quite a character the legend that is John Morris more about him maybe in another post perhaps. He has been training hard for 4 years at this gym the last few years putting in 2hr shifts or so mostly 6 times a week and he works hard. He is consistent with his training and with his nutrition and probably eats the best out of the whole gym. I have watched him grow, get stronger and go through ups and downs. He has had a big effect on me and seeing him work his ass off day after day is indeed inspiring and has definitely helped push me. On the rare occasions I have been able to workout with Jamie it has been a pleasure and has made suffering whatever workout it was arbitrary.


A couple of years ago I took a trip too Slovenia with Andy Mckenzie and a group of coaches, we went to visit a guy he knew called Marck Goran in Maribor. The gym was amazing and the coach Marck himself was larger than life and very charismatic, there is something about Marck that makes him truly one of a kind.  Anyway Jamie has been following Marck’s training for a year or so now and the workouts are grueling and long and tough but Jamie deligently gets through them each day and gets them done even if they last 3hrs or so. The training might not always be to my taste or I might not agree with it but one thing is for sure it is hella inspiring to see him crank them out day after day eat really well and get stronger, fitter and absolutely shredded in the process.

Ok enough about Jamie I have probably made his swell up big enough already now. The reason that I was triggered to write this post has been a few things first it was his birthday this week, secondly I am trying to tighten up on my physique, as well as continue to get stronger and fitter, I am always also dealing with members and progression, results, weight loss, getting people stronger and people just wanting to look fucking good. It got me back to this, you don’t get the results you want, you get the results you deserve and there is a big difference between going to the gym 3 times a week and going 6 times a week.

The results you are going to get are going to be determined by a number of things. Firstly the basics and foundations. This has been underlined by my work with Oli Jessop at G2G Coaching where I completed my Level 3 PT qualification last week. Making sure someone is moving correctly with underlining proper mechanics, and they are able to brace effectively is massive. Secondly making sure they are on a structured and well rounded periodised program is the next step, repetition is key so they get familiar with how to train and move well. Thirdly recording their results every session at a time from the weight on the bar to the reps they did to the time it took them too row 500m. As my old coach Ironmac used to say if its not tracked you don’t know how far you have come and how far you have to go. The next step is intensity this, I remember the first time I step foot into a commercial gym and I was doing everything and not getting any results and I asked the PT a guy named Andrew at the time what gives and he said Intensity, you should look at the intensity you do your training, less junk volume and more training at decent intensity to elcit a good adaption to the stimulus (GAS).


The next big step is nutrition, it has taken me 5 years and moving out from living at home, (gasp) that was last year. To understand what I need to do and the changes in my habits and difficult choices you have to make to eat well and support your training. I have only just started to get a handle on it as of late, roughly tracking what I eat daily, trying to hit enough protein and eating the right amount of carbs and not eating too much fat, and resisting the urge to have beers all week or pizza on a Wednesday or Thursday night but some protein, carbs and ofcourse vegetables. Now that I am starting to relay this onto all my members and clients alike they are having massive changes and with new members who come in its something we talk about right from the get go, trying to figure out what you roughly eat a day and what the percentage of that is protein, carbs and fat and then take small steps to make sure it is supporting your training and goals has helped massively to getting people stronger, fitter and leaner much faster than if we were to just focus on just working out but you probably knew that.

The hard work is not just about making sure you are moving the best you can and working on your nutrition though, it can be getting 8 hours sleep, because getting enough sleep can be like literally a magic pill, it maybe you drink too much or need to cut it out for a big challenge to get as fit or strong or shredded for some big challenge or goal or just cause its summer. It also means doing your accessory work if your a power lifter, taking lower percentage weeks and working on technique, realising when your over reaching and need a proper rest.

Another point to note is Bobby Maximus 130 hour rule, he states that it takes roughly 130 quality hours to get fit, that’s training hard 5 days a week for 6 months. You can reduce that 6 months but then the amount you will have to work will go up so 3 months would be twice a day Monday to Friday and once on Saturday. I did this program last year and it got me shredded and got my 2k row time down too 6.50.1 and I was pretty strong. I am not saying you have to train twice a day but what I am saying is that there is a big difference between training 3 times a week and 6 times a week, there is a lot to be said for consistence, persistence and small little gainz every fucking session they add up.

I feel like at this moment I am just about able to right the programming I have always wanted to write, individualised, GymJones inspired, and ask 100% from the people that decide to commit their time and money too me, as I can only coach a certain number of people and time is precious and its amazing too see people give their all, get results, progress and enjoy it all throughout the process I couldn’t have done it without the foundations of CF, my time with Andy my time at GymJones, the time I have spent with Marc Keys, Marck Goran and most recently the time I have spent with Oli Jessop.

I am away to reread Maximus Body.

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