The next 5 years

It can sometimes take a big event to almost reset or restart your brain or thinking as it were. For me I guess it was last nights 5 year anniversary party and all the drinks etc and the horrendous hangover this morning. It can also take time lots of time, you may take information in like I did a year ago at GymJones and store it and understand it but not truelly understand it. It takes time for your brain to process it and sometimes going back to something later on can help make it more meaningful and make more sense.

The thing I am getting at here is the way I train people and what I learnt at the GJ Intermediate seminar, what I have learnt since then, my trials and errors in trying to achieve my goals and others and how to implement the very best training plan. So from spending time with Marc Keys, Oli Jessop, Andy Mckenzie and ofcourse the one and only Bobby Maximus I have slowly developed my understanding on how best to train those that come to #BOBSGARAGE.

At the moment how members come and train just now they have two options follow whats on the board either a lower or upper body strength session, a circuit session, a bodyweight cardio and core session or the IWT session (Friday session) Those that want it follow periodised training in the form of either 12week strength program or 4 week strength program. But like the secrets to the universe it is an unfinished work and is not the end product. Eventually we will move to a 3 tiered system and you will either be on tier 1, 2 or 3.

Tier 1 is Foundation 1 is what all new members will be on for at least 6 months but can last up to 18months. For beginners you will be eased into training with 2-3 sessions a week and then building towards 5-10sessions a week. 1-2 hour sessions, hard training 5days a week minimum, Foundation 1 is about increasing work capacity above all else and the bodies ability to tolerate stress.

There has always been a need to find a system that incompasses the all round approach, the subject is massive with CF and that is where it began but to delve deeper we need to use this 3 tier approach and you yourself need to write a list 10 things you want to get better at, with the most important at the top and the least at the bottom and make sure you are working towards those goals every single session. If foundation 1 is about building volume then foundation 2 is about intensity and foundation 3 is about intensified volume. How do we find out what level we are meant to be in? some standards can help but most who walk through the door bar a few will be in F1. Some standards to achieve before moving to  Foundation 2 which might be helpful but might not as sometimes you just reach a plateaux and then it is time to change the structure you could hit this at either 6months or 18months depending on the intensity of the sessions or how much work you put in.

I guess this has been triggered by the work I am starting to do writing programs for members for strength training but then thinking back at the intermediate seminar and looking back at the idea of having 3 levels of training programs Foundation 1,2,3 and dealing with the idea of the exerciser or the athlete but actually its more than that its learning to differentiate what level you should be at just started never trained before level 1, other end of the scale guy comes in been training since he was 11 deadlifts 250kg benches 130kg squats 210kg 2k row is under 6.50 and does the GymJones triathlon in 5mins and hits 620-630m on a 2min row IWT then that guy needs tier 3 programming or just an individualised approach to work on his specific weaknesses. I havnt quite worked out how I will deliver the 3 tier system just now as I am just writing monthly periodised programming for members but further down the line will look at a way to implement this 3 tier system and have members following programs on either tier 1, 2 or 3. Call it the project for the next 5 years and hopefully in that time once I have worked it out I may even go back to SLC and complete my Advanced Seminar and finally become a GJ Instructor some day. One can always dream.

But for now let me leave you with this, if you are only training 3 times a week don’t expect the results of someone who trains 6 times a week. And if you haven’t written a list of goals already no more than 10 then why don’t you go away and write them down and then spend the next 6months at least working towards achieving those goals.


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