People who Inspire me Dalbir Kang

If I work with someone long enough they cease to be a member or client and start becoming a friend most of these friendships will no doubt last a lifetime as the work we do is truelly transformative and the change and effect is not just felt by the member but also it will change me as a coach.

This can be said for my friend Dal who has been going through his fair share of challenges the last 3 years with his battles with his brain tumour. Around 2015 he was training with me after moving up from Wolverhampton where he used to do CF down south. I trained him for a while before he was diagnosed and had his first surgery and a year later I helped him come back with a gentle phased return, I would then go onto prehab him to before his second surgery. Dal’s work ethic was second to none that I can only compare to a couple of people that I have trained. He had been given a second chance and was driven, committed and dedicated. We had a couple of events to show our community’s support and we called the events ‘Do it for Dal’ which did two things raised money for the Brain tumour charity and also gave him a massive boost and showed him we were all behind him. These sessions evolved to become our monthly Adversity sessions that you see now.

Dals 3rd brain surgery was about 6 weeks ago, sadly I didn’t get to train Dal as much this time but his experiences and lessons he learned from what we had achieved last time we trained have still left their mark and built within him a strong mental strength that will carry him through this most challenging time in his life just now.

Dals last surgery was quite invasive and suffered a stroke down his left side, he is now at the Rehab hospital and the next 3 months are going to be some of the most challenging of his life, he will be fighting to stay mentally strong in this long journey and working hard to regain his ability to walk and do all the tasks that most of us take for granted so much. I will be visiting on the regular to make sure he keeps his spirits up and stays strong in many ways.

In todays society I think there is a tendency to just not bother, to not put yourself out there. Because we could fail, make ourselves look bad, it could hurt when it related to strength and fitness and learning new habits and getting fit is hard. We could fail so whats the point why even bother its too hard anyway?

Every now and then something comes out of no where like an illness, injury, accident, or loss of job or just you name it any crisis or troubles. Depending on our ability to deal with this sudden stressor will depend on our ability to handle it and deal with it and work through it and manage it. Developing a strong robust and enduring mindset can go miles into helping you with challenging times in your life and I am testament to this and so is Dal.

The challenge is for us to bridge the gap between the person we are and the person we want to be. To start living the life we want to lead, be the person we want to be or want to be seen to be. Dan John calls this seamlessness. that the person you want to be and think you are seen to be is the same person that everyone talks about in the end. This transparency and seamlessness comes from actually doing the things and achieving the things you will say you will do and committing to things that will challenge you and that your not sure you might be able to complete because they are taking you out of your comfort zone and past your self imposed limits like starting to train at my gym.

You have a choice when you face adversity and challenges in your life, you can let them break you down and fall apart or you can use them to learn about yourself, get stronger and come back with a more deeper character because that is how your character is formed through your experiences and challenges you have faced during your life.

For myself the last 5 years running this gym has been hugely transformative in strengthening not just my body but my very soul and mindset. It has creeped right into the depths of my soul and changed me forever. I don’t know when it happened but something has happened, a deep chemical change that allow me to over come some serious challenges and I am ready for many more.

Just now we have just begun our next 3 month training block which is timed perfectly. As the next 3 months will be crucial for Dal and my other member Ken both in different ways but equally important. For myself it will be 3 months of not drinking and focused work, working on training, coaching and nutrition. It could well be the most focused work yet in many ways and I am truly buzzing.

I will keep you all up to date on Dal and when the time comes the next ‘Do it for Dal’ until then why not challenge the status quo.


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