This gym has changed me and it will change you.

If an experience is going to be transformative then you need to be inspired by the coach. Over the last 5 years or the process of coaching and running #bobsgarage has changed me. Where I have come from and how my journey has developed has shaped and made the gym what it is today something that is more than just is more than just getting someone fitter stronger or leaner but giving them a deep change in their mentality around life.

This is done through the discipline of training, commitment of training, and consistency of training. Physical challenges in the gym are not just physical but also mentally challenging from a heavy back squat to a personal best on a 2k row, you need a strong mind in order to develop a strong body.

I was once told that I get my enduring mindset from my Mother. My mum Sheila is one of the toughest women I know, back when I was younger she ran a guest house with my Dad who is also called Robert. My mum had to at times single handedly run a busy guest house and she did it day in and day out for years until Rheumatoid Arthritis struck her down. I remember vividly one morning my mum lying on the sofa screaming in pain. She went on a lot of medication and battled with her health a lot, gave up smoking some time ago and drinking as well, she has had two hip replacements and one knee replacement. Having retired years ago now and separated from my Dad she lives alone and frequently enjoys golf. I often get her to practice getting up from her front and last weekend actually managed to teach her how to brace properly.

My Dad is a different story, equally hardy and has been referred to as Stoic. He ran the guest house for many years with my mum and they were once happy. However maybe it was the stress of the family or the constant nature of running your own business but he developed a strong relationship with alcohol and smoking. He has his vices and his problems but none the less he is my father and I love him. I have joked before that he is the hardiest soul I know. He got cancer of the oesophagus last year but was still doing DIY in my flat at the time. Last year we almost lost him, after his surgery because he wasn’t healthy and he didn’t have any reserves he struggled and combined with withdrawals from alcohol he was in intensive care, on ventilation and sedated for the whole of December, he pulled through and got out in February and is making a strong recovery.

They both helped me set up #bobsgarage they are both founders of what I have done and they are both founders of who and what I have become. I take my strength and ability to endure and persist from my Mum and my ability to get the fuck on with things from my Dad I guess.

I went through some challenges and changes myself through the years and it started with finding CF and then thinking this was great I can do it so I can coach it. That was obviously not the case and it took me a few years of learning from my mistakes and learning from the people I trained and the coaches I spent time with the main one being Andy Mckenzie. And eventually I got my PT qualification just this year.

My knowledge and experience didn’t change and develop I did. I changed and developed through the constant early mornings, late nights, ups and downs and highs and lows of coaching and running a business, the constant challenges and push backs from things I would get people to do. I have become more professional for sure thankfully over the years. Working out most days with some amazing people and just being around all these people and getting to know themĀ  all and be in their life has changed me forever. Just like their stories help me I hope that my story helps you.

I am not sure what sparked this blog post, I know that there is a need to continually underline the message that your business represents and that I think that the one that I want #bobsgarage to represent the most is transformative in body and mind. The experience and it is an experience it isn’t training, should be transformative and leave a lasting effect, I know it can’t be transformative unless the person who leads the charge sticks his head above the parapet and puts himself out their for people to see, judge and either follow or not.

I will always think of myself as the 21 year old I used to be even now I am 30 now and have gathered some good life experience, at times usually when your confidence is knocked or you have a set back, or are down or low I may go back to being that little fat kid from school, but through the process of reflection and gratitude I am then reminded how far I have come and how far I am still to go. Right now I am excited for this next chapter, the year of my 30’s having finally achieved my goal of getting the PT qualification I am rejuvenated in my vigour to reach out to more people and help them get fitter and stronger. Right now I am excited about the next 3 months as we have just started a new training block and I am also not drinking for the whole of the 3months, a chance to focus on my training, nutrition, coaching and business and have the chance to be at my best in many ways for the first time in my life just now.


Hopefully I can bring a few more into #bobsgarage to have the chance to transform themselves also.


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