The real battle is not in the body, but in the mind

Today I went to visit one of my friends Dal. He is currently in the Ashley Ainsley Rehab hospital because he suffered a stroke from his third brain surgery to completely remove his brain tumour. I could call him a member but its a bit more than that now. I took Cesar as he wanted to come visit him with me. I was pleased he asked as they are both going through their own challenges be it in completely different ends of the  spectrums.

Catching up with Dal and shooting the shit about me, Cesar and him and challenges we had before us, are dealing with just now and the challenges that are to come I was struck by this, we are all going through our own battles in our head.

For Dal it is not the rehab that is the challenge, he has done that before, he has trained with us and the training has left an imprint on him and he will be able to draw on his past experience’s to keep moving forward. The real challenges that are going to be faced will be in the head. The ups and downs of it all are tough and I know it I have gone through it all with him before and this time its harder. For Dal the battle will be keep on enduring, keep moving forward, pick himself up on the low days and stop himself getting carried away on the high days. Talking finding an outlet and getting things off your chest will always help.

For Cesar on his intensive training block just now, when fatigue kicks in or when he just cant strike up the will too, keep eating well, not staying up too late, come in to his 2nd session of the day even when he is not feeling it. Or keeping managing his busy routine of working, studying, training, and nutrition. Staying strong and steadfast will be the true battle in his mind to keep progressing and seeing this 3 months through.

I have got the group photo of my GymJones Intermediate Seminar up here as the header for this post for many reasons. The first is that it gave me a massive sense of empowerment. I went away from that week of training and the weekend seminar with a feeling of empowerment and strength that I used to power me through a whole years working, training and getting me through some massive ups and downs.

It struck me tonight as I went through another little down moment, the usual Sunday night stuff that everyone goes through that the real battle we go through is not with our body but inside our head.

The battle of not seeing results, of stagnating, of still being not happy with your body, unfit, or your strength is lacking. You should take a breath and realise that the problem is not with your body but with your head.

Many people tell me that they don’t have time to train, then I say why don’t you come to my 6am class? They normally respond with don’t be silly I couldn’t get up at that time. It would mean getting up at 5am and then a whole days work.

Look at the problem, maybe you need to invest more time in your training, maybe you need to sacrifice a bit more, time in bed, social life, drinking, dinners out, spend more time putting the work in, invest in yourself, your body, your mind, your health.

If I have learnt anything this past 5 years, it is this, a life of exercise, resistance training, challenges, trying to lead, coach, learning from mistakes getting over big lows and keeping my head level on those big highs can have a massive positive effect on your mental strength, will power, drive, persistence and just ability to endure and keep going.

For me the next 3 months are all about seeing what we can do, physically with my training, my strength and fitness, and stopping drinking for 3months will help this but also in really being present coaching, and enjoying as much of it as possible, helping people get stronger and fitter and battle through challenges in the gym which will lead them to be stronger to face those challenges outside of the gym.

So next time you are facing a challenge whatever it is, weight on the bar, time on the rower, or any of the myriad outside of the gym remember the real battle is inside your head and you can win  it. I know I am.


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