The next Evolution

Test chin ups – looking for 20.
False grip Muscle up progressions
5rounds 30min time cap.
6 thrusters 60/40
400m run
6 Clean and Jerk 60/40 same bar.

2 position snatch
1push press
1 squat
1 bar 50/30kg

8 Max Effort Isometric Holds in hang position
Overhead squat 2-2-2-2-2
3rounds for time:
10DL 115% of BW
25 Box Jumps

Wall facing handstands
60secs on 60secs off for 10mins

EMOTM – 11mins
2 heavy ass Snatch (ASS TO GRASS)
80% or above of 1RM.

7 rounds
5 powerclean 155lbs
100m sprint
Rest: 1:1

Pistol progressions
3rounds 90secs per round – 2minsrest between each round
6 back squat BW – Taken from floor.
Max effort pull-ups
Push – Pull
Lsit holds 10secs on x 10 (Power Endurance)
Rope climbs
Seated – hand over hand 10 reps legless
Inverted hands use of legs aloud. 20reps.

10 Press-ups
12 Kettlebell swings 24/16kg
6 Kettlebell shoulder press
50m run

Hero wod
10 push press 52.5kg
10 KB swings1.5pood
10 box jumps 24’’

3rd -7th Feb


Front squat 5×5

4rounds 2min rest between each round
10deads 100/60kg
12 Russian swings 32/20
20 bar over burpees

2position clean

10 toes to bar – even
5 hspu odd

Behind the neck push press

Amrap 9
8 thrusters 42.5/30
6 burpees
100m run

Closed – moving rig around.

27th Jan- 1st Feb

Turkish getup practice

4rounds for time
13 box jumps
12 Kipping pull-ups
15 American kettlebells swings 2pood/1.5pood

ODD 5 shoulder taps
EVEN 10 Hollow rocks

400m farmers walk 40kg/32kg
Burped pull-up 8reps
Rope climb 1

Overhead squat 1Rep max

5rounds for time:
6 kettlebell overhead lunges RIGHT
6 kettlebell overhead lunges LEFT
16kettlebell swings
400m run

1 rep max strict press

1st round 45secs each exercise. 2nd round 35secs, last round 20secs, (10secs to move to the next exercise)
Between each round rest is 3mins then 2mins
Press up
Air squat
Prowler 40kg

Kettlebell snatch practice

18min amrap
15 box jumps
12 push press 115lbs/75lbs
9 toes to bar


This could be controversial but here goes….

15min warmup. Mobilise then:

For time:
run to the top of Arthur Seat and back

Training 20-24 Jan


Push Jerk


Pullups 4 x ME

13.2 open workout

10 min AMRAP

5 shoulder to overhead 115lbs/75lbs

10 deadlifts 115lbs/75lbs

15 box jumps


hang snatch 5×3

snatch pulls 4×2

4rounds for time

9 power snatch 60/25

12 bar over burpees

400m run


5×3 pause back squats

13.3 open workout

amrap 12

150 wallballs

90 double unders

30 muscleups


hang clean 5×3

clean pulls 4×2


7min amrap


3 clean and jerk 135lb/95lb

3 toes to bar

6,9,12,15,18 etc


Muscle up progressions


50 american swings

200m run

40 goblet squats

200m run

30 burpee box jumps

200m run

20 pullups

200m run

Saturday and sunday – Gym is closed as we have Andy Mckenzie hosting his seminar! still spaces left.

Come to the dark side Luke!



Join us and get strong!

Olympic lifting session
to practice your lifting will be on Sat 12-1pm.

CrossFit Taster Class – Saturday 11am

Inductions Saturday 9am or Sunday 10am

Supplemental work:

Mobility- Anyone got any specific problems otherwise focus on your hips this week opening them up keeping the chest up when you squat, clean and snatch,

Reverse Hyperextensions! You all been introduced to these now! If you havnt let me know and I will show you.

Everyone knows to do some sort of horizontal pull everytime they come in now!

 Face pulls

Iron Scap drills (I will explain later)

Single arm kettlebell rows

Double arm kettlebell rows

Bent over barbell rows

Ring rows

Pendley rows

Pullups keep at them. Practice your kipping swing too it will help you with your toes to bar and knees to elbow.

Monkey bar pull ups 5×5

Ring pull ups

Scap pull ups

Kipping progressions

Weighted pull ups vary rep ranges

weighted less than 5reps. 8-10reps 3sets 12-15reps 3sets 20-30 reps 3sets.




High Hang Snatch work up to a heavy single

Do not go to failure, if your are missing every rep then you are practicing failing a lift which is not good. Focus on technique, footwork, finish, and getting yourself under the bar fast.


2min AMRAP with 3mins rest

12 Chest to bar pull-ups

In the remaining time do as many thrusters as you can.

It is important that you pick a weight that you can keep moving



Split jerk 2-2-2-2-2-

I want to see a particular emphasis on the jerk recovery here, on the jerk think about taking a big breath in before the dip drive and breaking the glass with your chest.

EMOTM for as long as possible

5thrusters 35/20


5 burpees



back squat



8 Thrusters

20 double unders


6sets of ME pull-ups

Bent over rows 4sets of 6reps


15 overhead squats 50/30

400m run


High hang cleans work up to a heavy single, again don’t practice failing the lift go with a weight that is moderate in weight and focus on technique.

1000m run

50  Over head kettlebell swing

40 Box jumps

30 goblet squats

10 wall walks

1000m run

Main site wod scaled

2000m run

9 power snatches at 40kg

1000m run

15 power snatches

500m run

21 power snatches


Catch up wod
from the week…

I know Kung Fu This, as we say, is the first day of your training of this year and it’s so exciting! We have lots to do!

Primary focus for the next three months is to make sure you all have a solid grounding in the clean and snatch, can string together at least five strict pull ups and have really good mobility and stability! I am placing a high emphasis on supplementary work for pull ups, reverse hypers and horizontal pulls.  Most people need to develop a stronger, more stable lower back as well as increase the mobility of the hips to stop anterior tilt when squatting or doing cleans or snatches!

The annual countdown to the CrossFit Open is now upon us so make sure you are in half an hour before class to get your mobility and supplemental work done!  For those that can’t clean and snatch due to restriction and injuries you are coming back from, please don’t let this put you off coming to class as I will give you a substitute exercise that will mean you can still take part in the training!
Remember this training is inclusive and completely scalable! Do not think that you have to get fit before starting here! We can scale it down to your level and take it nice and slow.

Other points

Olympic lifting session
to practice your lifting will be on Sat 12-1pm.

Initiations – Saturday 11am

Inductions – Saturday 9am or Sunday 10am

Depending on your skill and ability you will most likely need a weeks’ rest between each session.

Ok here is next weeks’ programming…

Supplemental work:

Mobility- let me know what is tight or impinging you and I will give you some pointers on where to start with your mobility.

30 reverse hyperextensions use a box and 3 20kg plates and an ab mat.

a type of horizontal pull can either be:

Face pulls

Iron Scap drills (I will explain later)

Single arm kettlebell rows

Double arm kettlebell rows

Bent over barbell rows

Ring rows

Pendley rows

Once the Glute Ham Developer (GHD) arrives we will also be doing hip extensions, back extensions, hip and back extension and the ghd sit up. These will not be in wods FYI…

As well as this, try to get some pull up volume in at least three times a week:

Monkey bar pull ups 5×5

Ring pull ups

Scap pull ups

Kipping progressions

Weighted pull ups vary rep ranges

weighted less than 5reps. 8-10reps 3sets 12-15reps 3sets 20-30 reps 3sets.

Let’s start cleaning up what we eat too guys. Nay too many bevvies during the week, cut the sugar out and processed carbs… make sure you’re eating lots of green leafy veg. If you haven’t tried kale yet, what the hell have you been doing? If you’re not too sure where to start – make small changes first. Start with the basics, alcohol, sugar, and obviously any smoking. I like a high protein, high fat breakfast, I also like to cut out all grains, that’s bread, pasta, any processed food – no ready meals. Get your breakfast sorted first with my favourite; bacon, eggs, and some kale. Do it as a frittata or eat it raw, or as a juice. Add some butternut squash if your training volume is high but if you’re overweight, save the carbs til after midday and after your workout.  Get the good fats in, coconut oil, grassfed butter, dripping, ghee, double milk, double cream, but try not to go too heavy on the dairy.  Supplements, omega
3’s and Magnesium, and Vit D from Purepharma, a good recovery shake is a must if you’re serious about increasing your performance. I like kinetica and some creatine from genetic supplements.

If you’re really serious you could take a note of a weeks’ food intake and we could have fun adjusting and optimising it!

Snatch work on hitting positions and work up to a light to moderate weight.

Snatch pulls with explosive finish.

4×2 reps then

30secs on 90 off x4 wallballs



push press 3-3-3-3-3-3


5 rounds for time:

8 chest to bar pullups

10 burpees

400m run


back squat


15min amrap

10 russian kettlebell swings 40/20

10 toes to bar

10 burpees



100 double unders

50 press ups

40pull ups

20 power snatches 40/25

10 hang power cleans 40/25


clean work up to a light to moderate weight focusing on the finish and fast elbows.

clean pulls



overhead squats 60/40


Pistol progressions


4 Chest 2 bar pull ups odd minute

9 burpees even minutes


Catch up wod
from the week…

So there it is the start of your training for 2014. I am absolutely psyched to get started and help you not only become stronger, but be a better athlete, be it for CrossFit or for your specific sport! For those that are willing to put the work in and commit their time and money I will help you change your life more than you could ever imagine.    I know Kung Fu….

2014 – Why #BOBSGARAGE

I woke up this morning and I am just unbelievably excited for whats to come this year! Its been one hell of a ride so far. Having fun and doing something amazing that creates so much positivity and change to peoples lives gives you great job satisfaction and drive! Here is for more of the same in 2014!


Listen I know there’s a few places to choose from to train in Edinburgh and for all those looking to get started on their journey into CrossFit the choice is sometimes hard! Come join me and the team at the garage your going to have a lot of fun, get pushed further outside your comfort zone then you ever thought possible. You will train in a small close nit group classes are never bigger than 7! Your going to learn how to clean and snatch, learn how to train with kettlebells and all sorts of strength and conditioning equipment ranging from sleds to sandbags and your going to get to know the barbell very well!  Its quite frankly going to rock your world!


Don’t be thinking that your not fit enough to get started either! There is a 4 stage process to gently ease you into training with us! It starts with your initiation where you will get introduced how to back squat, how we warm up and assess your movement patterns! after that there are 3 inductions to complete! They will cover the deadlift, kettlebell swing, and clean, if your mobility does not allow you to get into the positions needed to do these compound movements then we will take these sessions as time to increase your mobility to so that you can start to practice these maybe in a scaled capacity.


Once you have completed your inductions you will be let loose into our community, have no fear that you will get lost in the crowd as we are a small tightly nit group and I will ensure that each and every workout is suitably scaled to help you gradually develop yourself into a fully operational athlete!


29th December – 4th Jan 2014

Saturday 28th Initiations happening at 11am For all those
wanting to begin their journey into crossfit! Inductions at Sat
9am. Crossfit class at 10am Sunday 29th 10am induction (If you have
come on Saturday for you initiation or induction then you need to
wait till next week till your next class) Catch up from last week
Monday 30th Crossfit total Tuesday 31st Murph Wednesday 1st 3rounds
10 cleans 50/30 20 burpees 400m run Thorsday 2nd 5×5 front squats 5
rounds 12 Wallballs 16 Kettlebell swings 8 Pull-ups (strict) Friday
3rd Elizabeth Saturday 4th 10rounds 12 burpees 12 pullups 9pm
inductions 11am initiations Sunday 5th Induction 10am If you have
come on Saturday for you initiation or induction then you need to
wait till next week till your next class 11am crossfit

Christmas week Programme

5×5 squats

Wod partner workout
Only one person can work at a time
20 Thrusters
30 pullups
40 pressups
50 burpees

– manmaker Tuesday
100 manmakers done in teams of 2

The Seven
Seven rounds for time of:
7 Handstand push-ups
135 pound Thruster, 7 reps
7 Knees to elbows
245 pound Deadlift, 7 reps
7 Burpees
7 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood
7 Pull-ups

5×1 clean

10min amrap

One person is completing the sequence once while the other person does as many burpees as they can.

Left arm
3 Single arm swings
2 cleans
1 snatch
Right arm
3 single swings
2 cleans
1 snatch

Again you go i go. Only one person working at a time.
2 rounds
20 Pullups
50 Burpees
100m Sled push 100/60


8 Rope climbs
12 Handstand pressups
400m run with 20kg plate together (done as a team)

Catch up…

Training 16/12/13-22/12/13

10 Ring rows + 10 pull-ups

Floor press

2mins on 30 off x 4
8 Kettlebell swing 24/16
2 Burpee pullup

5×5 monkey bar pullups
Clean pulls 4×3 reps

Bench mark girl:

5×5 monkey bar pullups
Back squat 3-2-1-1-1-1-1
In the whole front squats 70%
Courtesy of Mikes Gym

10 deadlifts 70%
12 toes to bar
Bar over burpees 12reps


Push jerk 3-2-1-1-1-1-1

21 Kettlebell swing
50 Pressups
400m run

OHS 3-2-1-1-1-1-1

Partner wod
4 rounds
Hang cleans 24reps
200m plate run together
Only one partner working at a time

Hero wod coffee
Catch up