Hey guys here is the programme for next week. I need at least 3 others for the Kettlebell seminar on the 18th with Si and Raymond. It will be an excellent opportunity to develop your kettlebell swing and other movements we use with the kettlebell for CrossFit! Cost is £25 timings 6pm to back of 8.  There will be only 1 crossfit Class that night at 5-6pm.

Still space on the Andy Mckenzie Seminar on the 25th-26th January. If you know of anyone that is looking to increase their strength and performance as an athlete and is really serious about developing this is for them or any PT’s or coaches that wish to learn from Andys vast knowledge and experience please pass it onto them.

Oh and there are still 10 exclusive gift vouchers for you buy for your friends and loved ones. No better gift at christmas then the gift of CrossFit. £39 covers one initiation, 3 inductions and 1 crossfit class.

Emphasis on Pullups this week, cleans, snatch pulls, prowler group session on Tuesday night for conditioning, 5×5 backsquat, muscleup progressions, hero wod Willy on Saturday since you guys have been so good! Some strict pressing in their, some thrusters, some burpees one interval session on thursday. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me!

Next week I am moving Tuesdays CrossFit taster class (initiations) to Saturday 11am all inductions will be done on Saturday at 8am and spaced out over 3 weeks because most of your guys are sore for like 10days anyway after those sessions.

Friday night at 1930 is now a CrossFit class, scrapping weightlifting class on sat at 11am and mobility class at 10am on sunday just going to put an emphasis on you coming in half an hour early to mobilise and staying half and hour after to mobilise.


5sets of 5different pullups

Plyometric warmup

Back squat 5×5


8 x Hang power cleans 50/30kg

10 Knees 2 Elbows

400m run


Strict Press 4sets of 3 reps

Bent over row 4sets of 6reps

(Make sure to set scapula in its position before each row)

A wee video on Horizontal pulls from Barbell Shrugged Technique Wod With Doug Larson:


Team Prowler workout



4x 8reps pull-ups

1rm on 3 position clean

example of a 3 position clean from Catalyst Athletics Brian (ground, below the knee and take off)

Bent over rows 3-3-3-3


3min on 1min off x5

3 clean

6 Toes 2 Bar

9 box jumps


Muscle Up progressions

Seated, kneeling, pistol, holds



15  Thrusters

10 Ring Dips

200m run


5×5 pullups 5different ways on monkey bars

Snatch pulls 70% 4sets of  4reps



6 Clean

3 wall walks

9  burpees



Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
225 pound Front squat, 5 reps
Run 200 meters
11 Chest to bar pull-ups
Run 400 meters
12 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood


Catch up from the week

December Week 1 – Commitment – Sacrifice – Faith

The first week of programming for December and my thoughts for the week, I think about this topic quite alot, by coming to the garage and training here, you are sacrificing your time and money, and I know that I am constantly competing against other priorities in your life for these things.

Getting you to commit to training at the garage and realise that the one hour you spend here could potentially be life changing is one of the most important things I have to do every day.  I have a strong vision for  #bobsgarage and I want to make a realistic positive difference to as many peoples lives as I can reach.

Commitment is often closely interlinked with trust which I am working my ass of to gain from you guys right from the moment I meet you! I will never forget that it takes a life time to gain and a moment to destroy. My old headmaster taught me that… Anyway I’m getting off track. What I wanted to say was that I know that most of you will come in to CrossFit with maybe patchy weight training or lots of running and the weights is mainly circuits. What I am asking of you is to take the leap of faith in the program, you may not know quite what CrossFit is at the start of your journey, you may not even know that your journey has started! But it has, as soon as you step into my garage I am planning your journey looking at what you need to improve, develop and work on so that you can master the movements and turn you into a Firebreather!

So the faith part is you consciously committing to the program maybe once a week to start (it may take up to 10days to recover from each workout at the start), then slowly build to two classes then 3 classes a week and so on. Now when your doing this what we have to be wary of is overlap, this is for all you runners out there or bootcampers. If your doing 3 different programs at the same time and not adequately recovering then you wont get the maximum results from the program and may even get injured. This is not to say that doing CrossFit can’t be used as a supplement for your specific sport but if you wish to be good at CrossFit then you do need to put the work in build your strength base and develop yourself as an all round athlete.

Ok I’m sorry if I have gone on too long but I’m feeling fired up!

Points to note:

10 Exclusive gift vouchers available includes (initiation, 3x induction classes, 1x crossfit class) cost is £39 pick up from gym only.

Kettlebell Seminar with CrossFit Fife 18th December, 6-9pm only crossfit class will be 5-6pm in evening. Go through all the main kettlebell movements a sweet workout, and meet some really cool guys from Fife. Cost is £25 and there will only be 7 spaces available.

Reasons to go to the Kettlebell seminar: get to refine your kettlebell swing, clean+press, snatch, Turkish Getup and maybe a few others will help build a strong foundation in your kettlebell skills which is important as we use the kettlebell alot in workouts! Oh and you will get a good beasting at the end and meet some OG CrossFitters (Si and Ray)

Andy Mckenzie Strength & Performance Seminar – Quite simply if your serious about developing yourself as a CrossFit Athlete then you will get your ass on this weekend. Invest in your training and it will repay you in so many ways! 10% off if you have a ID tshirt and you can pay 50% before christmas to secure your place and 50% in January. Small group in Andy’s presence with lots of opportunity to ask him everything you want and gain as much as possible from this fantastic weekend!



Run 200m


25 Overhead kettlebell swings 16/20kg

15 burpees

200m run

Rest 10mins x 3 – time to aim for sub 3.30



Snatch high hang 3-3-3-3-3



Pull-ups (strict) chest to bar


Front Squats

3RM then 4sets at 90%


1min on 30 secs off

Burpees x 3

Kettlebell swings Russian x3


Handstand Gymnastic Strength

3x 2 wallwalks

Hand stand holds 30secs on 20secs off x3

Negatives 5×3

Full handstand press-ups on wall 3 x ME

Or on a box 3xME

4 rounds for time with a partner:

Thrusters AMRAP while partner completes FW

Farmers walks 200m 40/32kg


Bench Mark girl

·        Fran

      Rounds 21-15-9 reps


      Pullups (Kipped)



1rm Snatch

15min amrap

Run 400m

Max press-ups

Score is max press-ups run = 1 reps


Catch up – one of the workouts from the week that you havnt done (Coaches choice)




Training Programme Friday 22nd to 1st December

Here is the training programmed from today to the 1st December. I wanted to get a head start so you could all book in nice and early. Thursday 1930 class is always quite busy so book asap if you want that spot, same for Tuesday nights at 1930. The details for the strength seminar have also been finalized this week and web page created.   http://hashtagbobsgarage.co.uk/seminar/

Favourite mobility video this week courtesy of my pal Tom Wright – Check him out he has a sick physique. Its the De Francos Limber 11

As always if there is anything that you can’t do because of injury or impingement due to lack of mobility then I will try to work around this as much as possible!


22/11/13 Friday

Back squat – 5RM then 4sets of 5 at 90%


700m run

then 3rounds for time of ( 12 box jumps, 21 kettlebell swings 24kg/16kg)

700m run

23/11/13 Saturday

– Clean positions

Clean and Jerk  1RM

met-con – Grace 30 ground to overhead for time (Girl workout)

Weightlifting Class

Snatch – Positions and heavy single

24/11/13  Sunday

Mobility – Hips

Turkish getup practice

– 21-15-9

cleans 60/45


25/11/13 Monday

Chest to bar pullups 4 Max effort attemps

ring lockout holds 8 Max effort attempts

3rounds for time:

8 Cleans, 12 front squats, 4 push jerk 60/45kg


26/11/13 Tuesday

Snatch Balance


2min on 1min off for 21minutes

15 burpee pullups, 15 american kettlebell swings (amrap in the 2mins)


27/11/13 Wednesday

Deadlifts 1-1-1-1-1-1

4rounds for time:

10 thrusters, 16 jumping lunges, 400m run


28/11/13 Thursday

3RM Back squat, then 4sets at 90% of 3reps.

5 rounds for time

in pairs one does plate run continuously while the other completes their round.

200m plate run : 6 strict pullups (Beginner) 8 Pullups Intermediate 12 pullups advanced, 8 Burpee box jumps


29/11/13 Friday

Push Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1



Knees to Elbows


30/11/13 Saturday


mobility – hips, quad smash, calf, ankle,

skill and agility warmup, junkyard dog, burgener warmup, skill transfer warmup,

Snatch position work taking snatches from high hang, take off and the ground, focusing on technique over weight

1min on 1min off for 15mins

4 wallballs, 8 burpees amrap


01/12/13 Sunday


Quad smashing and general barbell rolling out.

Catch up workout from the week. Coaches choice. Will be something you havn’t done!

Programming from Friday!



Mobility – Hunt for your internal rotation…

Snatch Warmup

Thacher ABCs

part 1


part 2


part 3


part 4



Every Minute on the minute perform the following:

3 Power Snatch

5 pullups


10 rounds for time:

3 Ring Dips



Mobility when your at home:


Points to note, if you struggle in the bottom position then take the time before class to open your hips up, work your quads with a barbell and the side of your glute with the lacrosse ball. Also good is some banded distraction on the lunge and thoracic spine rotations and hip tilts.

If its your first time doing Front squats for a while go light and be cautious, focus on keeping your chest and elbows up, mobilise if need… probably? Remember vertical torsoe and knees tracking over your feet slightly out.

Here is a great article on improving your bottom position by Greg Everett… To sum it up hold the bottom position for a couple of seconds if you struggle before driving up out of the squat.




Work up to a 5 Rep max front squat

then – 4sets of 5reps at 90%


4 rounds of:

9 deadlift @110kg or 70kg

9 lateral burpees

200m run

scale to a weight you find comfortable (don’t worry I will help you do this)

18/11/13 – 6months on – The journey continues!

Well its Monday again.. I am going to start posting what the workout will be through my blog. See how this week goes.

6months in and still loving every minute of it! Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far I really appreciate it! All my garage gymers absolutely love training you guys and can’t wait to  build on your improvements in the gym! As more people join us I think its a good time to take a moment to underline what CrossFit BG stands for.

Its getting dark, cold and wet its at these times that we need to strive to get as fired up as possible! You guys are coming to kick ass and train, you arrive cold but as long as you have a fire inside you burning it wont be long before you have a sweat on! Its that drive and commitment I am seeking to instil in you and its my life long commitment to do this.  I hope to do this by giving you excellent programming, coaching to the highest level and inspire you to get as fired up as possible for learning new skills and pushing yourself to new limits you never thought were possible. Quite simply I want you to leave inspired after every session to go pass on this way of life to others.  You need to get as fired up as possible, feed of each other in the gym this is the community aspect and this is what will drive you through the early mornings, tired fatigued days and days you just don’t feel like training. I will always put emphasis on good positioning,  whatever exercise your doing and make sure the workout is scaled at your appropriate level. I will strive to go the extra mile in your training to make sure you are a well rounded athlete! One last thing remember to have fun!

I am hugely committed to this project and for me it is a way of life not just a job. I dive head first into all your lives and invest deeply into every athlete that walks through my doors and decides to train with us and this wont stop. Its only going to get bigger and better!

Here’s today’s workout:


18/11/13 Pavels right of Passage

5sets of

1>5 kettlebell clean and press 24kg men 16kg women

1>5 strict dead hang pullups

rest as needed 3-5mins



My Journey to Affiliation

Affiliated to CrossFit it’s a big deal and there is a good story behind on how it all came to be.

This journey as I said before started before I knew it had begun, when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do after the Army was no longer an option. Getting out of hospital and regaining my health was the kick start I needed.

When starting CrossFit just over 3 years ago I was training at another gym. Some people have the potential to change your life and affect you in ways so amazing and positive that it will change the way you look at life.

Last year I decided that I was going to go on a road trip across California on my own from San Diego to San Francisco. I followed the coast line and had just under 3weeks to cover the distance visiting a different Affiliate each day and just having a sweet adventure!

Here we go San Diego!


So I landed in San Diego and immediately was loving the weather! This place is so chilled out and awesome. However 27hours travelling and then being given an automatic rental car at 9pm at night resulted in a scary drive adding to the blunder that I booked a hotel in El Cajon and freeways with what 7 lanes? I feared I had bitten off too much.


The next day immediately settled these fears. I was up early and ready to go to visit CrossFit Invictus they have an amazing facility and it’s in a great location, and more importantly it’s full of great people! It may have been 6am in the morning but the coach Nuno made it feel like it was the middle of the day with his positive cheerful attitude, so energetic and cracking the jokes it was a great start to the day!


It was so early but it was already roasting!


I did my bit of sightseeing too checking out the big Navy ship and the Gardens too!

It was a great start to the adventure and I maybe did a bit too much on the first day! But I was excited and loving every minute! Think I even got heat stroke running about everywhere with my moon skin!

I don’t want to bore you with all the details of my trip but just mention the highlights. Down in San Diego I also met with another dude named Jay Mendoza! The guy has the most pearly white teeth I have ever seen. Welcomed me in to train at CrossFit Socal and had a sweet time their!

So I travelled up the coast past this place Torrey Pines State Beach – Best beach I came across!


 Ok so I travelled all the way up the coast stopped in at New Port Beach for a cheeky Beach WOD with CrossFit Newport Beach


Travelling up the coast I hit LA and immediately went to Universal Studios

Los Angeles-20120730-00114

That was fun! I also checked out Brick CrossFit and that place was cool if not a bit crazy! I went to Brick CrossFit while I was in LA was pretty cool everyone was very welcoming and the women training were the likes you will never have seen in Scotland. Wowzers. Because of that I forgot to take any photos of that one. But you will have to just trust me on this that it was freekin awesome

Turned out I was there at the same time as one of my friends too so we checked out Hollywood Boulevard and then went up to  the Hollywood sign!


So that was a sweet time and it was time to continue the trip to San Luis Obispo (SLO to the cool kids)

San Luis Obispo-20120801-00119

Me in Bubble Gum Alley.

San Luis Obispo-20120801-00121

So that was SLO I have to say it was nice but I was missing my friend in LA but the best was yet to come!  The next stop was Santa Cruz a good couple of 100 miles away. It was a good drive and Big Sur makes for some amazing views so amazing I forgot to take any photos!

I traveled North to Santa Cruz. There a quite a few box’s their but I think I chose the best one to visit and my timing was perfect! This is CrossFit Amundson and its run by Greg Amundson I have honest to God never met someone like him boundless enthusiasm and just an absolute pleasure to talk to!


It turned out I arrived the day before his open day of his new gym which he had just opened a month or so ago! He has an award that he calls the Firebreather award that he gives out once a month to 1 male and 1 female member that had achieved the most progress and gains. They get given a massive claymore sword that has a great story behind it.

I also met these guys.


Aq it was Greg’s open day he said there may be a special guest their and that just so happened to be Greg Glassman the founder of CrossFit. Rory Mckernan the guy in the pic above kindly introduced me to him!


He was a pretty cool guy and even knew the gym that I was training at in Edinburgh as at other times when I told someone where I trained they just looked at me funny. Anyway after getting talking to him he offered to sponsor me on my CrossFit Level 1 course.  And gave me his and Sevan’s email at that point I kinda lost the ability to listen or type their email into my phone but thankfully I nailed it.

That kinda made my trip!


It was off to San Francisco now and to visit more legends within the CrossFit community Diane Fu, Kelly Starrett, Brian MacKenzie and Carl Paoli at San Francisco CrossFit.


It’s a pretty cool place again and my mind was blown by just the amazing people I met and the location. I even had a wee run across the Golden Gate Bridge


And a little sunset run. Running up and down all the hilly streets is a great way to get rid of a hangover especially on an evening like this!


That was the end of my trip but my journey had not finished it lead me onto Reebok CrossFit Stockport to do my CrossFit Level 1


Again more amazing people and I was truly grateful to be given this opportunity!


A cheeky snap of the trainers mid workout. Absolutely great weekend!

Crossfit Level 1

So that was November 2012. A couple months after I came back from California in August. Its May 2013 now and I Affiliated just at the end of April 2013. And when I say this journey will last my whole life and I will never stop learning and helping others joining me!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3