Your questions answered

Here are some of the most common questions and answers. Your question not here? Fire us over an email and ask away! @

  • Can I come in at any time and workout on my own?

    No, this is no Globo Gym. As a group we follow a Strength & Conditioning programme and the workout changes daily. You won't know what your doing till you turn up on the day.

  • How do I book into a class?

    Email me to arrange your first session and discuss your initiation into the garage gymers lifestyle.

  • Can I just turn up or do I need to make an appointment?

    As you would imagine I run a fairly fluid and organic style. I run an open door policy so by all means come say hi or get a wee beasting.

  • What if I turn up and your in the middle of a class?

    No worries obviously my attention is going to be predominately on my athletes but we can have a quick chat for sure, you can either wait till the class has finished and then train after or arrange to come back later that day.

  • What if its closed?

    Loose hours for the garage are 6am to half 8 at night. I am open to private 1 on 1's after that time or private group sessions. However if no one has book in for a class I maybe not at the gym/ doing my own training or just doing what any leader of a underground revolution does on a day to day basis... Getting coffee and food. Please either send me an email/call/or message and I will either come round to the gym if I'm nearby or arrange to meet you later in the day.

  • What if I'm not fit enough to train at the garage?

    This is inclusive fitness and can be tailored to everyone's fitness level whether it be the Elite or Couch Surfer.

  • Is this dangerous, can I be hurt or injured doing this?

    Yes it is, some of the exercises and techniques we do if done incorrectly or with poor technique will injure you. It is my job as a coach to ensure that you stay safe and keep good technique throughout your session. expect a couple of bruises.

  • Visitors from other Garage gyms

    Your more than welcome!

  • What to bring for your first session

    Some loose fitting shorts and t-shirt, a top and tracksuit bottoms, a pair of trainers some water and a open mind and a willingness to work hard, learn new things and a sense of cheerful optimism.

  • I have a medical condition and am unsure if i can do this?

    Send me an email at with the details and we may need to speak to your doctor first and arrange for a personal seshion to discuss and see what things need to be adapted for you.

  • Do you have a shower and changing rooms?

    no showering facility's but there is a disabled toilet and a unisex toilet.