About Bobs Garage

Members are treated as individuals and are given individualised programs specific to their goals, strength and fitness and ability. We work out in small groups of around 6-8 people.
If you are a complete novice and don’t know how to squat, deadlift or press we will teach you. If you have been training for some time we will look at your movement and correct poor technique.

Robert Clark

I became a coach because I wanted to help people. At the time I was focused on CrossFit and was given sponsorship to a trainer course. This was about 8 years ago and from there I decided to quit my job and open my own affiliate. I followed a coach called Andy Mackenzie for a while and he taught me a great deal, and was part of his Combined Strength mentoring group. I also went across to America twice to a gym called GymJones to do their Foundation and intermediate course. Recently in 2018 I completed my Gym Instructor Level 2 and personal training course with the help of Oli Jessop at G2G Coaching in Edinburgh.

Our Evolution

To put it simply the gym and the training I do now looks nothing like what I was doing back in 2013. I have learnt from my mistakes, experience, and knowledge gained over the years. It has moved from a Xfit gym to a personalised small group training gym and it has not been an easy or smooth process. However, because of the years of experience, knowledge gained it is now progressed into the gym it is today. Personalised small group training the like of which you have not experienced before.

Thrive rather than survive


Strength Training

We use structured, periodised, progressive and individualised training programs here. Strength is never a weakness.


Small Group Training

individualised programming tailored to you with expert coaching while training in small groups.


Online Coaching

For those looking for my individualised coaching and programming but live remotely.


Personal Training

Get a professional service from start to finish. From the assessment session to each session we complete be prepared to see massive change and progress!


Corporate Group Training

A service for those looking to get the whole office trained at lunchtime. Get fit, get strong in your lunch break.


Fitness Training

get fitter easier, with less frustration and smoothly than ever before, tried and tested methods to get you fit for whatever challenge or goal that you have on the horizon.

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