Community and culture has always been a driving force behind this gym.  It brings people together to form lasting bonds through going through challenges together.

Learn to Lift January 2019

Learn to lift New course starting 11am  Saturday 5th January 2019 What is it? A course designed to show you and introduce you to lifting

The Power of Perspective

The picture above is me in Bryce Canyon Utah. I little R+R before the GymJones Intermediate seminar in June 2017. I was getting some time

2018 Testimonials #BOBSGARAGE

Ken Talbot Nicholas Holloway Anna Oberfeld Cesar Ayala Samantha Kleman Simon Wakeford

#BOBSGARAGE Pullup blueprint

This post was triggered with all the work I have been doing with Nicholas Evans at E-Physiotherapy around the shoulder and its movement and correcting