Member Story Update – Cesar Ayala

I have been training Cesar since the start of September 2016. Always a pleasure to train and is consistent and committed and has been this

Ironman 6 week Challenge

So the Avengers is coming to Edinburgh and Glasgow. So here is the #Bobsgarage Ironman 6 week Challenge. Ok here are the challenges to complete for

Training the Mind and the body

Something I have been getting to grips with when I have been training people the past few years is mindset. I put a picture up

Christmas at #BOBSGARAGE

It seems like as soon as the 1st of December hit everyone was full throttle for Christmas, nights out, getting all the presents bought, buying

Cesars story

  A 20 Minute Walk Every single time I go to the box, I have to walk 20 minutes to go there and 20 minutes

Holy Shit, I have hip bones!

I try to encourage as much as possible for my members to write about what drives them, what brought them to my garage, what changes