Captains Log 2016 – #BOBSGARAGE

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I have a guilty secret when I was younger I used to watch Star Trek. I am drawn back to this phrase they used to say a lot. Captains Log as they detailed the events of the day. I think I will do these from time to time to serve as a way point to show you where I am at where the business is at and the project that is #bobsgarage is at. This is because like everything the only thing constant is change, ideas develop, people develop and so does the character of a person and how they view life and carry out their work.
At the moment I am waiting on picking my mum up from hospital, she has had probably one of the biggest weeks of her life having her second hip replacement. She is a strong women and much of my mental and physical strength I have developed has come from her. This past 6months has been brutal for her and has resulted in a slow decline into shuffling about the house and having to slowing go down backwards down stairs and dealing with constant pain. Constant pain can really get to someone, it can wear you down and erode your personality or it can change you for the better, strengthen you through the hardship you have gone through. I think it has done just that for my mum strengthen her as it has been her greatest challenge in her life dealing with this pain.
If the last 3 years has taught me anything it is that periods where you are overwhelmed are followed by periods of huge success if you can ride the wave manage the stress, anxiety of dealing with new concepts, new knowledge, being around and learning from coaches who are maybe more knowledgeable and experienced than you then you will have great success.
The feelings you feel of being overwhelmed is maybe even a auto response from your brain when it has absorbed all the information possible and is unable to process any more of the information that is being given to you. It can only understand and process so much before cognitive fatigue sets in.
This weekend saw my mentor Andy Mckenzie come up and host a Bodyweight seminar teaching a back to basics approach about training and bodyweight training and how it relates to everything else warming up and preparing the body and integrating range of movement to preparing the body most effectively to get the most bang for your buck and be the most efficient in your warmup process. As usual there was a lot of information from the man and it does get overwhelming as you can only take so much in. I am always amazed at how much knowledge he has and passes on when he does these seminars and each time I am with him I manage to absorb and understand I little bit more I then go back try to understand it for myself and then develop it and use it and pass it on to others.
He also made me think about belief, continually testing and challenging is always the way and always helps you to develop your confidence and ability to carry out a task, if you have the belief then you will finish the task, belief in #BOBSGARAGE and what I want to achieve and develop as a business, belief in  carrying out the training that I do and pushing myself to hit my goals and the belief in myself when I am coaching in the gym and dealing with clients.
As I hit 29 I am beginning to understand what I need to do to progress as I person and as a coach and as a athlete and I am looking forward to the future and I am more confident about dealing with challenges and looking at the upside of most things. Continual development is the only way.
And finally I was reminded today about the responsibility that is given when you become a coach, you may be in the middle of something personal and someone may just phone you up and look for your help, make sure to not ignore this responsibility to help and to support where the client needs your help at dealing with physical problems or emotional ones. As a coach I have the responsibility to create and develop a  community and culture that is what I envision one that is built on suffering together and building bonds from that that last a life time, one that makes us push ourselves to develop our capabilities in our strength, fitness, health and mindset but does not make us compete against each other but rather we work together as a team to become better together.
We are constantly evolving in our training, bodies and mindset just like the project that is #BOBSARAGE is stay tuned to the next captains log.

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Community and culture has always been a driving force behind this gym.  It brings people together to form lasting bonds through going through challenges together.