Captains Log November 2016 and beyond.

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From time to time I like to right a what I call a captains log post, a summary of my thoughts and summary of what has been going on in the gym the last few months and my thoughts on  the gym and its continual development.
Last week I had the pleasure of inviting Craig Punton into the gym to give him a workout on my Airdyne it was great to train with him as you always push yourself harder when you train with someone who is more advanced than you. It was great to hear his thoughts and feedback on the gym and it made me think. I am trying to create something special, different and not mainstream, I was glad to hear that that came across in the social media that I put out about the gym. Thank you Craig for the kind words and I hope to continue to live up to this standard and continue to progress into what my tagline says ‘no ordinary gym’
The last month we had our 2nd Do it For Dal event, it was an opportunity for us to come together as a community to support a member in need, to show Dal who is going through a difficult time right now recovering from a brain tumour, he has one major goal before his next MRI then surgery and that is too lose 2 stone and be as fit and as healthy as possible before his next surgery. This is one hell of a drive to make you focused and determined in the gym and outside to enable him to achieve his goals. Because of this he works very hard in the gym and others should be inspired even motivated by this. I see able bodied lazy and unmotivated people and they could take a good deal of insight from a man like Dal who will work probably 10x harder than they will.
The Do it for Dal event was supported and could not have happened without my friends from CrossFit MTS check them out here Jonny and Jamie very kindly lent me 4 rowers for the event which was a simple rower relay, 10k row done in groups of 7 we have a ski erg so we had one group on the ski erg in the end. It was 30secs per player on the rower and then 10 strict burpees in your rest. It took just under 30mins, we had around 26 people in the gym, the atmosphere was electric, the buzz was massive and it truelly did inspire and show our support as a community for Dal. It was even timed perfectly at the end when we had Dal finishing the row at the end with us all cheering him on. My goal was clear with this it was to inspire and to fill Dal with a massive boost of energy from the support we gave him on that day as a community.
I try to really put as much effort into each member I train, I want to get the most out of them, change them where needed, instil a strong mindset,  a strong mental strength, give them the tools to succeed and become stronger, fitter and healthier than they would have ever thought possible, I do this through individualisation, working with my mentorship group the Combined Strength group run by my mentor and coach Andy Mckenzie taking the time to find out where each new member is at start with the basics the fundamentals then progress from their, have a framework to work from and then build and a set of principles to work from I have done a lot of work with what I see the best therapist in Edinburgh right now Colin Gordon at Performance Sports Therapy A sports Therapist that lifts and understands the work that I do and the training that my members do. I have worked with him to help rehab and increase the performance of many of my members and with him I have massively developed the product and offering that #bobsgarage offers.
The business is constantly evolving just like myself and my coaching and my knowledge and experience and my development myself as an athlete. Taking the concept of the individualisation at the gym, we have developed it now that we have a base structure of 3 lifting days Monday squat, Tuesday press and Wednesday Deadlift and barbell complex and we have a bodyweight Thursday day then a Friday dedicated too just conditioning or as we call it Fuck you up Friday and then Saturdays a dedicated Core session or gymnastics core work if you will.
There is still individualisation that goes on towards people who cant do pullups and press-ups, every session they are in they are given regressions to build that skill and turn it into a strength eventually, we dedicate our time to strict movement also ‘no kip just strict’ as I see it you have an hour of your day and it is more beneficial to work a strict movement that has more benefit to your squat and your deadlift than a kipping pullup would. Added to that the joint stresses on the shoulder, back and elbow that occur when you kip a movement I will always go for a strict pullup.
The addition of the ski erg and the airdyne although costly was hugely worth it, the airdyne is a very potent and effective beast of a machine and is hugely effective and building aerobic and anaerobic capacity. It has developed our Friday sessions into something very special and really effective. The gym has many layers, we have the individualised aspect to it then the next layer where we get members to be able to think and move well on their own is crucial so you can go forth and work well in bigger groups being able to go forth and use your initiative and think for yourself is really crucial I will give you 6 months to guide you and install you into our mindset and culture and way of doing things in our gym but after that you must take the lead its a two way partnership and I am definitely not your baby sitter.
The last two months of the year are going to be a busy one, my last meet up with my combined strength coaches next weekend, the rig we have had for nearly 4 years is getting taken out and we are getting a completely new set up, we will no doubt start to attract many more people who see what we do and want to be part of such this amazing thing that we have got going on and we are more than ready to welcome new comers.
I have many new partnerships I wish to develop and start with specialists in Power lifting, Olympic lifting and conditioning Edinburgh and I am looking forward to the building and developing these new bonds and developing #BOBSGARAGE into the revolution I wanted it to be and truelly be ‘no ordinary gym’

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Community and culture has always been a driving force behind this gym.  It brings people together to form lasting bonds through going through challenges together.