Cesar Ayala – A two year transformation 2016-2018

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I have trained Cesar for just over 2 years. I remember the first time he came into the gym with his induction group. He is now the only one to have kept going. He was weighing in at around 120kg and was suffering from bilateral knee pain owing to a lot of running. I gave him a few exercises to do; one of which was a reverse bear crawl which he struggled with.
Over the coming months I took a very graded and gradual approach to his training with the use of kettlebells and reduced range of motion. I Show him how to squat, press, hinge, row and lunge. He was very motivated, focused and eager to work hard in every session.
I wanted to write up my time up with Cesar to document how far he has come in the last 2 years. Recently he has just completed 2 x 3 month intensity blocks which would see him train up to 9 times a week for 3 months. He also worked hard on his nutrition; making sure he was eating enough of the right stuff and not too much of it. Before that he was on another 3 month template and he has done hours and hours of rehab work with Colin Gordon of Performance Sports Therapy
His weight has gone from 120kg to below 105kg in just over 2 years but it is really so much more than that. Cesar is an example that changes in training take time and do not happen overnight. Moreover, the changes are hard to recognize and your perspective of where you are and how far you have come is warped. It is only from seeing it from a different perspective that makes you appreciate how far you have changed and come.
It has taken Cesar time to learn the correct technique of lifting weights. His understanding of mechanics and the positions he needs to be in when doing the exercises in his program progressed and are still evolving. He has developed and learned to brace, secure his core and create tension before a lift. All of this has resulted in him being empowered and given him confidence in his body to lift heavy weights. He has learnt about nutrition, calories, tracking macros and now effectively fuels his body and limits the bad stuff he does to it. He has quit smoking and reduced his alcohol intake considerably which has helped his progress massively.
He has managed to do a strict pullup and now does reps of them. He has participated in the majority of my Adversity sessions. Rehabbing his injuries and correcting his mechanics is an ongoing process but it has enabled him to complete an 8 min 2k row and powerful performances in our Friday FYF’s and monthly Adversity sessions.
This has not been a quick transformation. It has taken hard work, consistency, pain, changing of ways and habits, an amount of grit and determination but what it came down to was his ability to endure. His discipline lead to him getting the results he deserved in just over 2 years with a lot of ups and downs along the way.
Cesar even wrote guest blog posts along the way to document his journey and struggles he faced along the way which I have attached below as well a link to the testimonial he did for me.
The first step that Cesar took was to email me. He did that, which I bet took a lot of courage to do. He committed to a new path and to start anything new can be scary and daunting but it is achievable. I am more capable and up to the task, now more than ever, to help you so get in touch today!



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