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I have been working with Nicholas of E-Physiotherapy for just under 9 months now. I ended up meeting him through a friend of a friend. But I actually met him a great few years ago when I first hurt my back about 10years ago.
Anyway his approach is different to others and first off has a detailed and thorough assessment that he does on his first session. Everything is noted down on his computer each session as you go along and progress with your changes in  movement/injury and rehab. That part alone stands him in good stead in my eyes. Secondly he is extremely up-to-date on current practices, research and knowledge going to conferences most months around the globe to meet up with professionals in different fields in the medical profession and physio profession.
I have been to many physio’s and therapists over the years and none have given such a good gradual, step by step and progressive approach, everything is building on the last thing you did like a pyramid you work on your foundations first then slowly build on them to build to more complex movements and challenging rehab exercises. There is a big emphasis on you doing the work. Do not expect to just lie there and be massaged for an hour.  You will be moving and really working hard to correct your movement patterns and engaging the right muscles as you do them. Its hard and its a struggle because your not used to engaging them or being in certain positions but it does get better.  The key is to give it time and continually work on your movement every single day. No days off. It is a long term approach, not merely days or weeks but over a couple months or so.
Working with Nicholas has been great for me as a young Personal Trainer/Coach to help develop my knowledge of the spine and the shoulder which we have been working on and it has helped massively to develop my understanding of Scapula/Humeral rhythm, the muscles involved and the sequence although not completely mastered my knowledge and confidence of assessing and correcting bad shoulder mechanics has improved massively and has given me the confidence to go fourth further and improve my knowledge and understanding of the shoulder and spine more.
On top of this as a coach who focuses on the detail of technique and mechanics it really was humbling to come to someone who absolutely schooled me at being able to see things that I couldn’t see in my movement and highlight things on my understanding that were just plain wrong or incorrect or outdated. This makes it that much more important to have good experienced, knowledgeable and up-to-date professionals around you to support you in your practice and service as I have always used the skills and knowledge and experiences of more mature coaches and professionals to improve myself and what I am trying to achieve at #BOBSGARAGE.
With my own clients and members I have and continue to refer them to him when their movement issue is out of my scope of practice or I just don’t have the solution, then I put my hands up and say I am not sure how to solve this and refer them out to Nicholas to benefit from his skill set and knowledge, understanding and experience as a physiotherapist. He will see them and then directly feedback to me on what is going on with them and then I in turn will feed that back into their program to help progress, rehab and develop their training. He is a real asset to be able to call on for my service and I am really happy I have him as one of my trusted professionals to rely on and refer out to.
I would highly recommend going to see Nicholas if you have an injury just now, or maybe you want to improve your movement and performance or a constant niggle that you continually have contact him now. Can get him via email, online booking system, or phone. Website and contact details are below:
Nicholas Evans – E-Physiotherapy
7A Haddington Place, Leith Walk, Edinburgh, EH7 4AE.
07544 706 807

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