Holy Shit, I have hip bones!

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I try to encourage as much as possible for my members to write about what drives them, what brought them to my garage, what changes they have gone through and the struggles and strains they go through while training at my gym. Its good to hear that your not alone in your struggle for weightloss and better health strength and fitness and it can show you that actually I could do this and that you could train here. JB has shown great commitment, consistency, drive, determination and discipline. These he brought to the gym from his past experiences but if you have a weak mentality, have no fear as this can be taught and developed through practices in the gym I will turn you into a strong, fit individual mentally and physically.
Here is JB’s update on his progress and his journey to reaching his goals:
I was at a dinner party a week ago and a (female) friend said I looked very different to the last time she’d seen me in June. In July, Bob posted something I’d sent him where I ‘checked in, put my new shoes on and decided to get a grip of myself.’ It appears, some three months later to be working. In discussion with my friend (who had been working hard at weight loss and had lost 1.5 stones) I told her about stepping up and embracing CrossFit again, cutting back on alcohol, some diet changes and training in general. She kindly said it was clearly having an effect.
That day I had worked out (the new core work) following a hard Fuck You Up Friday the evening before (ski erg, row, sled, airdyne, KBS, etc –  hard work and yep, loved that one…). I genuinely believe that 3 months ago I would not have been able to complete the FYF and a workout the next day.
I took a look in the mirror the day after the dinner party and holy shit, I have hip bones !
I mean I can see them, defined ! Now, it is true to say I have not lost any weight per se which I assume means I am losing fat and gaining muscle.  It is also true to say certain areas (including the hip bones) are a little better defined and I have lost some fat off my face… but it’s also true that I am still carrying too much fat around my stomach area and that will take time and effort to kill.  At the age of 48, this is my problem area regarding weight and fat – if I do not train I put weight on and fat builds on a few areas – face (WTF ?), hips, stomach. When I get a grip and train, it pretty much goes, in the same order – face, hips, stomach but the stomach, shit, it takes a lot of work – months of work. So, slow progress is being made. How did that happen ? Here’s how:
After my last blog entry where I wrote about getting my shit together, I took a month off alcohol, stopped eating bread (I fucking love bread), ate more fruit, veg and salad and started training, on average, 4-5 days a week (1 or 2 days in Bobs Garage, the rest in a ‘normal gym’ but doing CrossFit style workouts). Those of you who know me only see me once or twice a week as I work down near London and commute weekly. I know that if I could get to the box in Edinburgh more often my results would be showing faster, but I cannot and that’s life – the upshot of that is having to work out on my own and persevere.
Well, so what ?  I think what I have re-proved or proved to myself is a number of things and this is the point of me sending this blog to Bob; there is nothing earth-shattering in what I am about to say but this is a reminder that results can be achieved with discipline and if change is required, then change….
1. A month off alcohol is no big deal. I’ll do it more often.
2. Drinking less in general is not an issue once you break the habit of a drink or two every night. Not to say I am an absolute puritan now but my alcohol consumption is way down…I do feel better for it, I consume less calories and it helps the bank balance too .
3. Bread and wheat products definitely affect my well-being. When I eat it, I feel bloated, get excess mucus and feel sluggish. I felt a lot better for not eating it. I have discovered organic rye bread which tastes good and does not affect my health. I realised that not eating something I have taken for granted all my life is 99% achievable and not hard once you get used to it. If anything the issue is not being able to eat what is essentially a convenience food; often, it is difficult to find an alternative at lunchtime to a quick wrap or sandwich but it can be done. I think I found this harder than cutting out alcohol ! It’s clear though, breaking a habit can be good for you…sometimes you just need to find out what is causing your poor health issue – it may be something you take for granted and not associate with affecting your well-being.
4. Taking time and being disciplined about training regularly makes me happy. It allows me to blow out stress and know I am doing good for myself which is turn is good for my family as it helps my health. It’s important I remain healthy, not only for my personal well-being but also for my livelihood – if I get sick and can’t work, I don’t get paid…like all of us, I have bills to pay !
Of note is curbing any issues you feel about not training. I try not to beat myself up if I miss training but I am definitely in a mode whereby I get a bit concerned about not training. I have been here before but several months ago, when my shit was not in order, this was not a mode I was in. I think it is a pretty healthy attitude to have a slight concern if you miss training but if you are stressed about it in a big way or you beat yourself up about it, perhaps you need a re-think. As an example, last week I was on the road in S.Korea for work; result – travel, work and associated socialising means I have missed a week of training. On day two I found myself stressing about it so I consciously focussed on thinking about the coming week whereby I would focus on recovering from an ‘unhealthy work week’ and I found this helped a lot. So, this week a puritanical approach will be taken and I’ll be back ‘on mode.’
5. Committing to get to Bob’s gym as often as I can is something I have been doing for the last three months since my last blog. I’d be in 6 days a week if it was an option. Regardless, I have been reminded that enjoy the workouts. I like the box. I like the camaraderie and the craic. I like Bob’s approach and coaching technique. I like the suffering and the pain and the feeling of achievement that comes from completing a hard session. I cannot see a point in my future where CrossFit does not happen. I have been doing CrossFit on and off since 2008 and when I commit, the results show. They have started showing after my self-aware wake-up call in July.
3 months ago I made a commitment to myself and I have pretty much stuck with it. I am reaffirming that commitment in this blog; I quite like having hip bones.

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