Learn to Lift January 2019

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Learn to lift
New course starting 11am  Saturday 5th January 2019
What is it?
A course designed to show you and introduce you to lifting weights and a resistance training program.
Who is it designed for?
Those who are looking to get into lifting weights but don’t know where to start. No idea what the ins and outs of a barbell or even what a barbell is?
We will go over the fundementals for the back squat, deadlift and bench press, from how to warmup, the correct technique, to the correct exercises.
We will go over the main movements then put it all together into a beginner level program.
When will it be?
Every Saturday at 11am for 6 weeks, beginning January 5th.
How much will it be?
It will be £60 paid up front to secure your spot. There are only 6 spots available.
You will get a 4 week program included in the course and a basic nutrition PDF to give you tips on how to eat and fuel your sessions and goals.
How do I book?
Use this link – https://goteamup.com/p/106265-bobsgarage/courses/30333/

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