The Power of Perspective

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The picture above is me in Bryce Canyon Utah. I little R+R before the GymJones Intermediate seminar in June 2017. I was getting some time out and reflection before a busy and intense weekend training and learning with the current GymJones crew at the time.
Looking back on this picture more than a year ago brings me strength. Why because I thought I had it all figured out and was a very confident cocky man. I had strayed the line between confidence and arrogance which is easily done. Unbeknowns to me I was about to go into one of the most challenging, transformative years of my life. I would achieve many things but also suffer greatly with stress in many areas but also grow massively in others.
That trip really did set a fire inside me, provided the motivation, inspiration and drive for the rest of year even though it cost me it was worth it to invest in myself and fuel my imagination, creativity and thirst to help others get further in life after all it would be pretty boring and sad place if you just got fit and strong and took no one with you along your journey with you. My job is to serve, to help my purpose that which drives me and gets me up each morning is the satisfaction I get from helping people achieve what they didn’t think was possible.
Coming back from Salt Lake city I decided what I needed to do before anything else was to finally get my Personal Training qualification spurred on by my coach at the time Andy McKenzie. I sought out one of the best coaches in Edinburgh Oli Jessop of G2G Coaching and started on the course completing the Gym Instructor course then in December starting the Level 3 PT course completing that in May this year.
The year was filled with challenges one of which was a family one. My father was diagnosed with Cancer of the esophagus and in December was had surgery to have it removed. His health not 100% from alcoholism and cigarettes the month was touch and go in intensive care for him. He pulled through and got discharged in February. However alcoholism doesn’t leave someone easily unfortunately.
I buried my dads dog Harvey in March and said goodbye to someone close to me. But I also took on someone in February who really showed me inspiration and drive which was Ken Talbot. Ken wanted to be shown how to lift weights but was wheelchair bound with CRPS a neurological condition which he would make a source of strength than a source of weakness. Ken wanted to break the world land speed record for the hand bike.
The idea started for this blog post because I was thinking… Imagine if you had neurological pain like Ken, imagine if you were diagnosed with Cancer like my father or my friend Dal who was diagnosed with a brain tumour and this year had his third brain surgery the resulting implications were a stroke down his left side effecting his arm and leg on his left side.
Imagine just for a second that you were not able bodied, you did not have your full health. For those that are high level strength athletes imagine you cant squat 200 or 300kg or bench that or deadlift that. Imagine you couldn’t row a 2k under 8 or 7mins, imagine you couldn’t run 5k  or 30 or 60mins.
Perspective is important, looking back to what you have achieved, over the last year or even month or couple of weeks can make a massive difference when you have faltered or plateaued or injured yourself. When you are struggling to find something to inspire and set that fire inside you that will help you change yourself, transform yourself and simply get more out of yourself it is perspective that will show you that you are just not cutting it. Getting up that little bit earlier going to the gym at 6am which requires you to get up at 5-5.30am is one example that I quite often use. When people come to the point that they want some form of change get stronger, or fitter or weight loss. It is usually weight loss. People come to me and put their hands on their stomach and say Bob I want to get rid of this. But what usually happens is I change their life, perception of it and change their habits, make them a stronger person mentally and physically and fitter at the same time. The by product of this training and transformation is that they have a body that is maybe carries a little more muscle a little less fat and a little more pleasing to the eye.
Currently I am in another 3month block of focus after completing the last one end of August. Focus on work, the business, training, coaching and not drinking alcohol. I could not have imagined doing something like this maybe a year ago, maybe for a month maybe just maybe for 3 months but again fuck no. But I am and I am more driven than ever to help people with what I do and this can be in a large part to working with all the people I have worked with in my life so far they have changed me and driven me to get more out of myself so I can get more out of others.
If this has sparked something within you and you want to be part of #bobsgarage then email me to start the process and discuss

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