Training the Mind and the body

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Something I have been getting to grips with when I have been training people the past few years is mindset. I put a picture up of Peter Griffin as I enjoy it, he is rowing and its playful which puts a lighter note on the more serious and maybe sinister subject of suffering, mindset and pushing people. I live the picture above as Peter is rowing, and when I got my rower I thought this is ok, its not that bad, its quite fun actually, but then I went to Salt Lake City and things changed, I learned the full potential of the rower and was given I now know the true extent of the suffering that can happen on it. The best example is the 2k row. To quote a new training friend and inspiration Marck Goran ‘There is not much you can do on the rower if you are not willing to suffer’ coming down from the 2k row the 500m row in which I won the 500m event at the Invesco event this year that maybe worse than the 2k row.
My point is with these conditioning workouts or our workouts on Fridays the ‘Fuck You Fridays’ are about taking us that little bit further, mentally then we actually thought possible. What does that mean and where does it fit in to me training you? It means that I will always start with your mindset, because the body achieves what the mind believes and so on. Or What Gym Jones says ‘expectation+encouragement+confidence in your ability = Transcendent Physical Performance’
Potential new members may look at this and think fuck this that is too much for me I just want to get off the couch and get moving after Christmas. However it is important that you know about our culture. I will build you up and develop a firm foundation, like Coach Greg Glassman said if you focus and commit to really laying solid and undisputable firm foundations then you will not only get results but your clients will be safe and they will have a strong base to then build from as they say your height of your pyramid is only as tall as its base.
To my main point that lead me to write this post about people pushing themselves and most being unwilling to push themselves past perhaps their plateaux or the point where they could progress or get faster or stronger or win etc it all begins with the mindset. That point where you are at your strongest you are able to lift your heaviest weight or fastest row, or fastest time on the airdyne or ski erg or a hard workout on the sled, is perhaps when you are at your weakest or most vulnerable, just a thought, you have given all your strength to achieving this task what ever it is and truly given yourself too it, not a care to who is around you, when your screaming or yelling or groaning and moaning while you fight to complete the task, just a sole mindset of I am going to fucking do this. When you do, it you strengthen your mindset, you have just completed something you once thought impossible and thus are stronger in mind and in body.
This is the concept I look to put across to all that train at #bobsgarage yes I understand that it is not for everyone so I don’t push it onto everyone just the ones who are willing to embrace it. At the start it is a difficult transformation if you are not used to hard training to getting out of breath to being seen when you are arguably when you are most vulnerable, but in time you build bonds with the people you work out you build a base level of strength and fitness which I will help you build with my Individualised programming and once you build friends up in your gym community suffering with your other friends in the gym actually becomes a enjoyable and enriching experience for the whole group.
Training like this has so many benefits, for one what you do in the gym will now have huge carry over to what you do in life meaning the mental toughness and mindset you build in here can help you with all of your challenges you face in life, be it getting up at 5am which I regularly do, dealing with all forms of losses, be it breakups, divorces, jobs or bereavements,  the list is endless, something one day will come out of fucking no where and hit you, its usually when you least expect it and then when that day comes you will have to step it up, maybe just maybe building a strong mindset and mentality might just be the thing that gets you through the challenge we are yet to face. I have this saying I have started to saying to myself when I am having a hard time with anything right now and it is your greatest challenge is yet to come.
That is training with the mind and the body.

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Community and culture has always been a driving force behind this gym.  It brings people together to form lasting bonds through going through challenges together.