Training At Bobs

Here at #bobsgarage we train in many different ways and are not just confined to strength training or fitness training. Below you will find more details of the different types of training we offer.

Strength Training

It is an integral part to the training that we do and it is important that there is some structure and format to progressing your strength training. This varies from individual to individual depending on training experience, goals, time restrictions, movement restrictions but one common theme stays the same and that is progression and periodisation.

Small Group Training

This is the main stay of what we do at #bobsgarage we train in small groups in the morning and evening. Every person working autonomously with an individualised program but also together with others in groups of 2-8 people. It creates a great environment where there is a bit of chat and banter in amongst periods of focused and intense work.


Online Coaching

If you are unable to come to the gym but would still like to work with me I do work one or two online clients throughout the year. This would involve weekly checkins, lots of video assessment of your movement, and following a monthly periodised program.

Personal Training

Personal training is done 1-2-1 and is like the small group training sessions but much more concentrated. Here we can really get laser focused right from the start from assessment, consultation exercise selection, movement correction, program design and implementation. You will be surprised at how much you can achieve in such a short time when you apply yourself.

Corporate Group training

If you are looking for a lunchtime class just for your office then you are in luck, I will create a session that undoes all the sitting you do at work and then strengthen you with a full body workout and finally get you out of breath, sweating and heart elevated. In and out in under an hour or 45mins or even 30mins.

Fitness Training

Whether you’re looking to get stronger, fitter or leaner or all 3 we will work on all the facets needed to get you generally fitter. Using bodyweight exercises, non impact machines like rowers, ski ergs and bikes as well as sleds and different training methodologies. We will leave no stone unturned but also use a gradual, progressive and structured manor to get you fitter.

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